Day: March 28, 2008

Behind the CCP: Dan Mintz

I made two distinct notes while watching Dan Mintz tape his first Comedy Central Presents half-hour special last summer. First, Mintz seems to go for a lot of awkward silences. Is that a stylistic choice? I must ask him someday. Second, this was the first time I’d seen him do a half-hour set, and I wondered if his offbeat voice and highly witty material could hold an audience’s attention as well as he does in five to seven minutes, or say, on Conan. Of course, since this is Comedy Central, the actual program will get broken up into easier-to-digest portions. Also, there was an even more amusing and awkward point in Mintz’s set in which he asked: "Can I get a volunteer from the audience?" Well, could he? I’ll be interested to see if and how they edit that sequence. In the meantime, here is a segment from Dan Mintz on Comedy Central, which debuts tonight! More video after the jump. Spaceman suit? "But you dress the job you want, not the job you...

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The state of the standup sitcom

Brian Lowry’s column last week in Variety ("Why standups are sitting out primetime") certainly got my fellow comedy bloggers boiling their blood. Read what Shecky Magazine had to say here, while Punchline Magazine weighed in more recently here. Lowry lays down a couple of whoppers…mostly in the middle of valid points, though. Are comedians with failed sitcoms "scurrying back to the clubs"? Well, probably not scurrying so much as using the TV credit to get more money from the clubs. Are comedians "relegated to hosting game shows"? Again, I wouldn’t say relegated so much as relishing the easy paychecks and the opportunity to leverage the TV gig with, read it with me now, more money from future club and theater dates. And I think what Lowry means by "second-tier comedians" isn’t so much that they’re of lesser quality but of lesser-known status than, say, Jerry Seinfeld or Chris Rock. Likewise, when he talks of comedians getting sitcoms "with slim resumes," he’s most likely talking about the lack of TV credits, since he is, after all, a TV critic. There’s a reference to Dane Cook just to make a dig at him. But Lowry is correct in pointing out that most sitcoms on the air in 2008 focus on writer/producers instead of stand-up comedians. Anyone in the industry can tell you that comedy festivals such as Aspen and Montreal used...

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If you’ve read one Brian Posehn interview…

Brian Posehn gets his second Comedy Central Presents on the air tonight, and coincidentally, he’ll be headlining Comix in New York City this weekend. When I saw him at the tapings in August, Posehn was very nice, and even watched the comedians the night before him perform. In his set (which has a heavy metal themed backdrop, in case you couldn’t guess that), he swore a lot, so expect several bleeps. When Posehn works the road, though, he must get a little weary of reading his own press. Because it all reads, well, so familiar… The opening lines from recent Posehn interviews:March 6, Peoria Journal Star: "You might not know Brian Posehn’s name, but you probably recognize his face." March 21, Tallahassee Democrat: "You may not immediately know his name, but it’s hard to forget his face." From back in the day, via Kittenpants: "You may not recognize the name, but you’ll never forget the face of Brian Posehn, comedy’s tallest, deepest-voiced, dearest nerd." So apparently, all you need to know about Brian Posehn is his face. Got it? Good. Now forget it. And watch these videos from Posehn’s Comedy Central Presents and his recent SXSW appearance. More videos with Posehn after the jump. Comedy Central’s interviews with Posehn:A NSFW snippet of Posehn from SXSW in...

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