Day: March 20, 2008

Speed Freaks: A.D. Miles on fire for Comedy Central!

Yes, that’s comedian A.D. Miles, on fire, running away from an exploding mobile home. The photo comes courtesy of director Michael Blieden, who worked with Miles and Zach Galifianakis on the pilot "Speed Freaks" for Comedy Central. As Blieden notes on his site, The Claw Productions: "This image has not been photoshopped at all, so yes, A.D. Miles was really on fire. Zach totally kept his cool, and the camera you see in the center of the frame was shooting slow motion. We had only one take to get this right and as you can see there were a lot of elements to coordinate." For further evidence, here is the description of the pilot episode from Comedy Central’s development slate for 2008/2009:"Speed Freaks"A scripted show starring Zach Galifianakis and A.D. Miles about two small town losers who are on the run from a redneck mafia hit-man after blowing up a local meth lab. As they fumble around the south trying to find odd jobs and shelter, the faceless hit-man is always hot on their trail. Let’s hope this gets on the...

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Matt Besser’s Magical Sack of Dump

Watching Matt Besser’s Magical Sack of Dump at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in New York City, you might have thought that it lacked some planning…but that’s all part of the plan. After all, Matt Besser has made his name as an improviser and sketch comedian who helped create the Upright Citizens Brigade in the first place. Who needs planning? We’ve got some videos and some characters and let’s let the audience dictate the rest. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. Besser had an hour an 45 minutes in store for last night’s audience, beginning even before the beginning, working out his intro with Pat the master UCB tech. This lasted several minutes, with Besser critiquing each and every possible intro Pat offered as the audience filed into the venue. After several minutes of this, Besser said to Pat: "Also, you sound kind of put upon, if you could add a little excitement." Pat attempted such, which only prompted Besser to say: "Now you sound like a DJ." They played upon the notion that Besser had created and produced Comedy Central’s short-lived Crossballs, that Besser was a founding member of the UCB, and his roles and the significance of such in Walk Hard and Drillbit Taylor. Things I learned during the show: 1) Besser has a very NSFW video for his alias as Mark Dunn, King of...

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