Day: March 13, 2008

Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil

What I like about Lewis Black’s new Comedy Central show, Root of All Evil: It takes the Tough Crowd formula, stand-up comedians talking smack about issues of the day, and refines it with tight focus without watering down the concept. These planned bits, the mock trial arguments, work better in a 22-minute TV format than the spontaneous conversations from Tough Crowd, which were hit and miss precisely because they relied so much on the ad-lib chatter. We want the highlights. And when you give great social commentating comedic minds such as Greg Giraldo and Paul F. Tompkins some advance notice, you’re going to get highlights. Here’s one: In related news, Comedy Central unleashed a "Weekly Evil" segment online that gives several stand-up comedians a chance to weigh in on a topic (in the style made famous by VH1’s Best Week Ever). This week’s evil? St. Patrick’s Day. (Psst: Can you find the...

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For your consideration: Gay Robot

Comedy Central released this image today of Gay Robot, the star of Nick Swardson’s new animated series. From my interview with Swardson last May…Most reports say Gay Robot is going to get a second chance as a cartoon. True?“Yeah, Gay Robot is still alive. Comedy Central had always wanted it animated. So I think this time will be more successful. But I really love that pilot. I really do.” And here is that original live-action TV pilot: Gay...

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Gelmania! The debut

And you thought Rififi was done when Invite Them Up left the building? No. Instead, Brett Gelman has taken over Wednesdays and assumed the title of President of Comedy. His "inauguration" took place last night. In a cockroach outfit. Let me try to explain. Perhaps Gelman himself said it best in his opening remarks. "This is not just a celebration of me. It’s a celebration of all of us celebrating me as the new president of comedy," he said. "This is a show people are going to be lying about — saying they were at it." As First Lady, Jackie Clarke. In dog ears. Putting down Gelman at every opportunity. The first show included Anthony Jeselnik. A very strong joke writer, except for that one joke about jail rape, which is far too cheap and easy. Jon Daly appeared as Shirtless White Bill Cosby, with a voice that wavered between spot-on Cosby (circa 1982) and British. Here is a short clip. Brett Gelman and Shirtless White Bill CosbyUploaded by thecomicscomic I have a theory that Gelman and Daly have a standing bet to see who can be the most ridiculous figure in the comedy world, and that they’re both winning, which makes me hope and pray that their Comedy Central pilot, "The Scariest Thing on Television," gets picked up for a full season. The network announced it yesterday as...

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