Day: February 27, 2008

Breaking News: Borelli can’t handle the tooth!

EXCLUSIVE!!! The Comic’s Comic has learned that comedian Patrick Borelli will have to cancel his Thursday night performance at Gabe & Jenny’s New Experience due to a root canal scheduled for 3 p.m. tomorrow. Borelli told me last night that the best dental experts have targeted Tooth #19 for the invasive surgical procedure. He’s unsure when he’ll be able to perform again. But certainly not Thursday night. Donations are not necessary at this time, although friends ask that you keep Borelli and his teeth in your prayers. UPDATED! We’ve also obtained this exclusive X-ray of Tooth #19* *Not Borelli’s...

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George Carlin live on HBO March 1

George Carlin’s evolution from family-friendly comedian to maverick to renegade to cantankerous hoot continues this Saturday, March 1, when his 14th HBO special airs live at 10 p.m. Eastern, broadcast from Santa Rosa, Calif. (at the same time, Louis CK is taping his upcoming special in Boston…discuss). Here’s the HBO ad: Related: Carlin gave a recent interview to the AP chronicling his mood...

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Fred Simmons in The Foot Fist Way

In case you were wondering about the Fred Simmons appearance last night on Conan O’Brien, here are some clues to unlock the mystery for you. First, the video. If the YouTube clip doesn’t work, you also can watch the segment and the full episode online via NBC, and by doing so, you’re supporting the writers. Did you know that? Now you know. Fred Simmons, aka Danny McBride, aka Danny R. McBride, is the star of the movie, The Foot Fist Way (you saw the film’s Web address displayed in the Conan clip), which debuted at the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival, and gets a limited release nationally this April 11. Here was the Variety review from 2006. McBride also has roles in three other 2008 film comedies, Drillbit Taylor, Pineapple Express (those two both penned by McBride’s friend in dumb comedy, Seth Rogen) and Tropic Thunder. Interesting to see Conan welcoming a character comedian sketch onto a show that already had Will Ferrell performing a sketch, made even more interesting as the camera cuts to Conan and Will during McBride’s bit to gauge their reactions. Related: Fred Simmons on...

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Todd Barry on Conan tonight

Todd Barry, last seen filling in on drums for Yo La Tengo on night two of the three-night Invite Them Up finale at Rififi, will perform on Conan tonight. Thanks for uploading your photo on Flickr, Marianne Ways, even though you told me last night you’d wait! (insert 🙂 here) In slightly related news, Barry has a new CD coming out next week, From Heaven. I’ve got a review of it here. And in even more slightly related news, Barry will headline Comix next weekend. And if you like that news, then you’ll probably want to pre-order his new CD, which you can do via this handy

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Reluctantly linking

Jerry Seinfeld’s lawyers are arguing that Seinfeld essentially botched a joke about the woman who’s suing his wife for plaigarism. What’s the deal with that? Seth Rogen, late to a party, and slightly gay about? Who’d ever guess that? And no, I won’t embed this video. Apparently, the comic strip Garfield is funnier if you alter it in any way. Watch your back, Family Circus. Too soon? No. Too...

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