Day: February 26, 2008

Review: Todd Barry, “From Heaven”

Todd Barry’s third comedy CD, "From Heaven," comes out next Tuesday. Perhaps you’ve heard that. But you’re wondering more. What’s on the CD? Is it funny? Should I buy it? All good questions, yes. First, though, how about making sure you’re in the know. For those who haven’t heard or seen Todd Barry, you may need to hear/see him a few times to get used to his delivery. Barry’s onstage voice and his regular speaking voice force you to pay attention to what he’s saying, lacking the typical changes in volume and inflection that would normally act as listening cues. That said, it also, at least in his live sets recently, helps play into his humor. Barry does not have the voice of a braggard, yet he’s often telling audiences he’s the best comedian they’ve ever seen. One joke on the CD has Barry going to the zoo to see panda bears but loving the prairie dogs more, then realizing that’s how audiences must feel when they see Barry as the opening act for another comic. Talk like that might make you think that "From Heaven," really could be subtitled, "From the Mouth of Todd." On this CD, though, hearing him and laughing along with him are not at issue. The crowd at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, Mass., where Barry recorded these sets last year, laughed loud and...

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David Steinberg hired by Interview mag

Women’s Wear Daily reported today that Interview magazine has hired David Steinberg to be its comedy editor. Why didn’t I know this job was even open? At any rate. Last I’d seen of Steinberg, he was on the TV interviewing stand-up comedians for the TV Land show Sit Down Comedy, so I guess those interviews made sense for Interview. That said, Steinberg’s online home news page is a year old. What have you done for us lately? Get to...

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Paul Scheer’s success impedes Human Giant tour

Developing: Paul Scheer of Human Giant writes to announce that he has gotten a part "in the new Jack Black/Michael Cera film Year One and due to a scheduling conflict, we must change/cancel some tour dates." What’s that mean? The guys report that, for now, it means…and I’m quoting them here: San Francisco – Rob and Aziz will do the show without Paul. Portland – CANCELLED Seattle – CANCELLED Cambridge – Being rescheduled for April hopefully… DC – Being rescheduled for April hopefully… Philadelphia – Being rescheduled for April hopefully… Williamsburg – Being rescheduled for April hopefully… NY (Paley Center/Museum of TV and Radio) – Being rescheduled for April hopefully… ALL SXSW SHOWS – Good to...

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Tuesday To-Do’s: Sweet, Hicks, Fluff

If you’re looking for something to do tonight in New York City, and think it might be a wee bit crowded at Rififi for night two of the Invite Them Up finale, then here are three shows to consider… 1) Sweet. Seth Herzog‘s weekly comedy showcase at The Slipper Room on the Lower East Side is one of the more unique experiences you can find, even among the myriad of offerings in New York City’s comedy scene. Herzog exemplifies the term "host with the most." This guy gives audiences more material to chew on every Tuesday night than other hosts, and you never quite know what’s going to come out of his mouth next. He might dress up as Wonder Woman. He might dance up a storm. He might ramble on. You just never know. You do know, however, that you’ll get to hear him chat up his mother — who has her own cadre of comedy fans. Think of David Letterman’s TV routines with his mom back in the day, then add a heaping dose of Mama Herzog reality. Seth also grew up as childhood friends with Michael Showalter, so there’s that to consider. And he has a mailing list and fan base that seems to include every performer in this city. On recent visits, I’ve spotted actresses Natalie Portman and Kristen Johnston in the audience. Herzog also...

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That Virgania Horsen video

Quite a few folks have come here looking for that Kristen Wiig video for "Virgania Horsen's Hot Air Balloon Rides" that got a sneak screening during the WGA strike and finally debuted on TV last weekend on Saturday Night Live. The kids at Defamer uploaded it last night under a different name (typo? or to avoid the wrath of NBC?). UPDATED: SNL did upload a second Virgania Horsen video, offering her "Pony Express" mail delivery service, which you can see online as part of SNL #34.10 with John Malkovich and...

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