Day: February 21, 2008

Human Giant’s season debut now on iTunes

Here’s some newsy news! The second season of Human Giant may not debut on MTV until March 11, but through the power of iTunes, you can download it already. It’s not an Illusionators trick, either! But it is Season 2: Duffel Bag of Death. Click here!   And here is a NSFW teaser video: <a href="">MTV’s Human Giant – Viral Videos</a> on <a href=""></a> Another trailer after the jump… <a href="">EXCLUSIVE- Human Giant Season 2 – Trailer (Show Premieres March 11th @ 11PM)</a> on <a...

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Greg Behrendt at Gotham this weekend

I spotted Greg Behrendt last night at a taping for John Oliver (more on that soon enough). But it reminded me that Behrendt is in New York City this weekend at Gotham. And that reminded me of a great lengthy chat I had with him two years ago. Here’s a choice tidbit in which he explains the need to perform stand-up comedy: "At lunch, they set up a mike. In front of the kids. They said, ‘Don’t go blue.’ I opened for an air-band contest once in Fresno, and got, ‘Get off!’ You’ve got to want it if you keep having those experiences and come back for more. I think we’re destined to do things. Who would pick stand-up? This might not go well in front of 200 people and they might rebel. I really think it’s a calling. I think there are people who are supposed to do it. What the f–k would (Dave) Attell do? What would (Mitch) Hedberg have done? Brian Regan, same thing. They have to go in front of a room full of people and grab a mike. It’s just what I have to do, until I feel like I don’t, and then I’ll...

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TBS, Just For Laughs, Chicago and Vegas

When I launched this site, oh so many days ago, people in the comedy festival business wondered if there’d be much of an American comedy festival business in 2008. Or at least, not the same comedy confabs that we’d become accustomed to. When last we left Las Vegas in November, though, more than a few people suspected that TBS might take over where HBO left off. And this press release from TBS confirms that, and more. TBS not only will continue The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas this November, but also join forces with Montreal’s Just For Laughs for a summer event in Chicago. Ellen DeGeneres will present variety shows at both fests. Why? I was at her "Really Big Show" in Vegas last November, and found it to be, well, more than a bit lacking. At any rate. What else is in store for this summer’s Very Funny Festival? From the release: In addition to DeGeneres, there’ll be "a series of stand-up concerts by top-name comedians; the very best in improv and sketch, including a collaboration with the famed Second City comedy troupe; Latino and urban comedy extravaganzas; various other events at local comedy clubs; and a film component." There you have it. For...

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Frank TV gets 8-episode renewal

If you thought you’d seen enough of those TV commercials in which impersonator Frank Caliendo promotes his sketch comedy show through his various celebrity characters, well, get ready for a new round of apologies from Frank. TBS announced today it has ordered eight more episodes. The network that’s trying to make its bones as a center for comedy, ahem, reported that 3.2 million viewers tuned into the Frank TV launch in November, with the series averaging 2.1 million viewers during its first run. Here’s the obligatory press release statement: "Frank is one of the country’s most popular performers for a reason: He’s simply the best at what he does," said Michael Wright, senior vice president in charge of the Content Creation Group for TBS and sister networks TNT and TCM. "FRANK TV has resonated with audiences because his style of comedy is so accessible. Frank has a very appealing everyman sensibility. He laughs at the same things we all laugh at in the popular culture around us. And the show’s sketches catch that comedic point of view perfectly. We were thrilled by the audience response to the show, and can’t wait to come back with more, even funnier,...

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SNL’s Obama Fun Facts

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Lots of rumor spreading about SNL cast additions this week. Let’s break down one such addition with fun facts. Yay. Fun facts. On the record, Lorne Michaels said he’d make a decision late Thursday. That’s…today. Donald Glover performed his Barack Obama impersonation Tuesday night at Seth Herzog’s Sweet show. Herzog said it was "the best Obama" he’d seen. Of course, how many Obamas have we seen, anyhow? Which is why Lorne Michaels didn’t already have an Obama impersonator before today. Glover writes for 30 Rock, which connects him to Tina Fey, which connects him to…Baltimore? Glover’s comedy troupe, Derrick, will be performing live this Saturday night at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Wyatt Cenac may have recently joined Funny or Die, but his Obama "campaign posters" video originally found its way onto YouTube on Jan. 29, 2007. Here’s another fact. Just because a comedy blog or message board says "they’ve heard" something to be true, doesn’t necessarily make it true. I’ve heard that some people want Jordan Carlos to get the SNL Obama gig. See what I just did there? Fun facts! UPDATED (1:41 p.m.): Someone at Gawker is Facebook friends with Donald Glover, which reveals that fun facts are even funner when they’re factual! Rumors are tumors, people. Stay tuned for the funniest fact to be revealed soon...

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