Day: February 13, 2008

The Daily Show, back with writers

First of multiple reports from the late-night TV landscape, post WGA strike. Jon Stewart mentioned the writers first thing, and the show reverted back from "A" Daily Show to The Daily Show…"I believe the finest writing staff in the business," he said. "It’s like Christmas morning. From what I’ve been told." And they opened with…the Westminster dog show. And a quip on the "war on terrier." Stewart moaned. "Really, you’ve been gone 100 days. This is the s–t you’re going to pull?" He then cut to John Oliver in black tie and a monocle for the ultra-Brit caricature. And. Then. We’re back to election coverage, what with Tuesday primary election coverage to cover. Larry Wilmore shows up as "senior black correspondent" to process Obama’s winning streak as directly related to Black History Month. After the break, "Torture Talk with Jon Stewart," in which he compared Sen. Arlen Specter’s opinion on destruction of torture tapes vs. the destruction of New England Patriots tapes. After the break, a guest. No writing involved. Will update with video when...

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30 Rock, The Office, Scrubs, SNL returns

NBC has announced that new episodes of 30 Rock and The Office will be back on the air starting Thursday, April 10. Scrubs, too, which means it will likely get a proper series finale, after all. Saturday Night Live, meanwhile, gets back into gear next week. Reportedly guest hosting Feb. 23 will be former head writer and now 30 Rock‘s Golden Globe and SAG-winning actress Tina Fey, followed by Oscar-nominated Juno actress Ellen Page on March...

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Nate’s ode to Rififi

I feel like I’m living in a bizzaro world. While I’m running wild and free online, Nate Sloan runs his print comedy column streak to three in this week’s New York Press with an ode to Rififi. Makes me wonder if Nate and I are remaking Trading Places? If so, which one am I,...

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Leno, Larry and the 10-minute monologue

The good folks at New York magazine’s Vulture blog kindly deconstructed Jay Leno’s mind-boggling strike-breaking 10:18 monlogue from last night’s Tonight Show, which of course, you can relive on the Internet. Leno really must’ve wanted to show those writers a little what’s what, eh? In related news, Larry the Cable Guy has been sitting in as a guest every night this week? Egads. Can I get a witless? See what I did...

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