Day: February 12, 2008

Eddie Izzard in NYC, through March 8

Just found out Eddie Izzard is back in New York City, doing stand-up tonight through March 8, with 10:30 p.m. performances at the Union Square Theatre. Still time to see him tonight if you don’t mind fighting the weather. Buy tickets here! Related: My rave review of Izzard in Las Vegas at The Comedy Festival last...

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EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes of Last Comic Standing

I may have boycotted the open-call line last Thursday for the New York City auditions for season six of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, but that didn’t mean I’d miss the boat completely on this opportunity to report from the belly of the beast. Especially when I learned on Friday that several comedians I know were getting called back for TV duty. No lines. Just a few dozen stand-up comedians, sitting around, biding their time for the cameras and special judges Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa and host Bill Bellamy and everyone else to get ready to roll. Even Barry Katz was in the house, and shook my hand upon hearing me call out his name. And here’s what that scene looked and sounded like. Dan Naturman, whom LCS viewers and comedy fans remember as the guy who got robbed of a spot on the show four years ago when the producers overruled judges Drew Carey and Brett Butler, returned for another go at it. Naturman and Baron Vaughn here talk about joke wording as Michelle Buteau, Eric Andre, Jackie Monahan and others wait for their names to be called. Last Comic Standing NYC auditionsUploaded by thecomicscomic Moments later, I catch up with host Bill Bellamy, here seen talking with Boston stand-up Myq Kaplan about character-based comedy versus stand-up. Behind the scenes: Last Comic StandingUploaded by thecomicscomic Bellamy and I...

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Inside Joke…with Alan Zweibel

Despite the bitter cold last night, I and several other humor-loving people ventured out to catch Inside Joke, Carl Arnheiter’s clever and insightful live talk show. The UCB postcards describe Inside Joke as "a cross between Charlie Rose and This Old House, minus the interruptions and power tools," which means, of course, it’s not really like either of those PBS programs. Arnheiter knows his subjects and, perhaps more importantly, knows when to let them chat and chat and chat some more and reveal what’s made them so funny and worth talking to in the first place. It’s a modest set-up. A table with two chairs, two mics, a plate of Rice Krispie Treats (real, as I could attest afterward). Arnheiter comes out to address the audience with a few opening remarks, shows a video and then, it’s our guest for the evening (or the next hour-plus), Alan Zweibel. Things we learned last night…The opening video, an ad parody for "Spud Beer (‘The beer that made Boise famous’)," was the first thing shot on tape for Saturday Night Live, written by Al Franken and Tom Davis and featuring then-24-year-old Zweibel as the dim-witted test subject. Zweibel said his claim to fame on the 106 SNL shows he wrote for was the few times he made it onscreen, he always played the big dumb Jew. His words. On Feb. 20 of...

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Nick DiPaolo takes his blogtalk daily

As my readers have pointed out, Nick DiPaolo has gone online daily with his new talk-radio effort, and this morning he went on Opie & Anthony to spread the word. Most days he’s been on at 2 p.m., but today it appears he’ll go on around 6 p.m. You can press this button to access his show and archived...

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