Day: February 7, 2008

Funny or Die? Tour oddities

The Funny or Die comedy tour, with Will Ferrell presenting Zach Galifianakis, Nick Swardson and Demetri Martin, played to a sold-out crowd last night at Ohio State University. Then, for reasons not entirely explained in this photo (nor even on her Tumblr), Martin flew back to New York City on a private plane with Time Out dating columnist and cover-girl Julia Allison. You can read the Funny or Die tour blog here. And after the jump, a slightly related video from the FOD Comedy Tour Team. The tour’s next stops are Feb. 11 at Penn State, Feb. 12 at the University of Rhode Island, Feb. 13 at Boston College, Feb. 22 at North Carolina, and Feb. 24 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. <a href="">Funny or Die Comedy Tour Trivia!</a> on <a...

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Sneak peeks at new Human Giant

Based on the past couple of Human Giant appearances outside of their UCB-NY home (well, OK, not that far outside their home, in separate visits to Rififi), I’ve borne witness to some funny stuff in the making, both for their upcoming live stage tour and their second season on MTV. Aziz and Rob bring their T-shirt squad to life and prove that sometimes, you don’t want such an intimate environment. Rob takes on both Aziz and Paul in a trail-mix promotion gone awry. As for videos bound for MTV, the Illusionators are back and face an Imus-like situation, which results in Omar from The Wire joining the gang, and a separate sketch brings back the kids from Shutterbugs and proves that Aziz, Paul and Rob weren’t kidding last summer when they claimed to be fans of CBS’ Kid Nation. If you look at the troupe’s production stills, you can see where they’ve put the kids in charge this...

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NBC’s Last Comic Standing rolled its circus into New York City this morning, and I boycotted it. Sort of. If you read my Feb. 1 post, you’d already know that this "reality" "contest" has no intention of really helping elevate the public’s opinions and attitudes about the art of stand-up comedy. Ugh. OK. I’ll post this video that I saw via Shecky that Sharilyn Johnson shot displaying the long line of people who’ll never get more than a second or two of airtime on the...

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