Day: January 31, 2008

Bill Cosby’s rap album?

All Hip Hop reported today that Bill Cosby would be releasing his own rap album, titled State of Emergency. They quote unnamed sources and say Cosby’s rapping would be an extension of his recent speeches criticizing the black community for its failings in parenting, teen pregnancy, crime and education. I was surprised, though to read this line in the online article: "Cosby’s album will not contain any profane language, nor will it offer any denigrating comments towards women." Were they expecting something else? Were they thinking of a different Bill Cosby??? Also shocking, considering I’ve met the bloggers at Jossip, is that their initial reaction is to snark: "Yes, lame-o. Lame-o rhymes with Jell-O." My memory seems to recall that Fat Albert contained some early hip-hop/rap undertones, so they shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss his effort, should they? By the way, Cosby was just on Letterman the other night and I don’t recall him saying anything about a rap album. Just Cosby, sitting down in a folding chair placed onstage, telling jokes and making...

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Eugene Mirman animated!

Scott Bateman, who animated the ECNY Awards nomination reels, here illuminates a track from Eugene Mirman‘s CD, En Garde, Society! Mirman’s Comedy Central Presents debuts on Friday, in which you can see him for real. Except he’ll be on television. Which means you cannot touch him for real....

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Assessing the Rififi/post-Rififi scene

Whether you call it the "alternative" comedy scene or the "downtown" comedy scene, and either of those labels doesn’t quite fit when describing the particular crop of New York performers who tend to eschew the traditional comedy clubs — and even that tag doesn’t apply to those stand-ups who perform in comedy clubs as well as the dive bars, burlesque halls and basements of the city. Nevertheless, the main clique finds itself wondering if this is the last gasp for the current East Village scene. Mo Pitkins closed suddenly last year, and several shows migrated to Ochi’s Lounge below Comix. It’s a great use for that basement bar space, but not large enough for the more popular alt-shows. And now the fate of Rififi seemingly hangs in the balance. Again. Rumors of its demise have popped up every few months or so, and though the property’s real estate broker assured me last fall that the club had a buyer and a closing date, that date came and passed, and earlier this month, performers were told that at the lease’s end, Leap Day really would be a monumental Leap Day. If so, come March 1, where will Invite Them Up be inviting them up? What about Greg Johnson and Larry Murphy? Are they Totally J/King us? And where would all of these comedians and their friends and fans just generally...

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