Day: January 28, 2008

Last Comic Standing auditions begin Jan. 29

Get ready, because Tuesday marks the official start of season six of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and Bill Bellamy returns to host. Here are the audition cities and dates: Tuesday, Jan. 29: Los Angeles, Hollywood Improv, with "talent scouts" Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nunez from The Office Feb. 7: New York City, Gotham Comedy Club, with "talent scouts" Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa Feb. 14: Toronto, Yuk Yuk’s Feb. 19: Minneapolis, Acme Comedy Club Feb. 22: Houston, Houston Improv Feb. 26: Tempe, Ariz., Tempe Improv Feb. 29: San Francisco, Cobb’s Comedy Club March 3: Nashville, Zanies For more information and rules, visit NBC’s official show site. One thing you won’t see there is the unwritten rule of thumb that you really need a scheduled appointment if you want to have any chance of advancing. For most of those standing in line for hours upon hours, you’re just a face in the crowd. You may wow them. But most of the slots probably already will have been taken by professional comedians with agents and managers who got them around the line for a scheduled appointment. Talent scouts or no talent scouts. This is TV, remember. Don’t let me stop you, though. Unless you’re younger than 18. In which case, you’re too young, anyhow. Them’s the rules....

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Robby Roadsteamer goes acoustic

More than a few people today have arrived here looking for information on Robby Roadsteamer. Perhaps that’s because he has a Monday night acoustic residency at the All Asia in Cambridge, Mass., which I learned from reading my friend Nick Zaino’s recent interview with the musician/comedian in the Boston Globe. For more of Zaino’s writings, visit his blog, The Optimistic Curmudgeon. And for all things Roadsteamer, click...

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Nick DiPaolo on BlogTalkRadio

Nick DiPaolo went on the Opie & Anthony show this morning to promote his new Internet talk show on BlogTalkRadio. I caught the last 10 minutes or so. An interesting return to the airwaves for DiPaolo, who had a so-called "terrestrial" radio program based in NYC on 92.3 FM in those early post-Stern, Free FM, pre-K-Rock days when David Lee Roth held court in the mornings. Anyhow. Tangent over. DiPaolo loves to talk about politics and the issues of the day, and in this new format, he takes calls and also talks back to the Internet chatters on his site. Don’t know if he plans a regular weekday schedule or not. At the end of this afternoon’s show, which you can listen to in the archives (and also on iTunes), he did announce he’ll be back on the air for at 2 p.m. Tuesday and again at 2 p.m....

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Dueling Scientology video parodies

Here is Eugene Mirman’s new Scientology video for 23/6, just in case you thought the Tom Cruise video that circulated everywhere last week didn’t go far enough to explain his cult of personality religion.Mirman’s half-hour Comedy Central Presents, by the way, debuts this Friday, Feb. 1. And here is Jerry O’Connell’s version (with help from Jerry Minor). For once, O’Connell’s goofy demeanor plays a vital and fully functional role here! Which one do you...

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Late-night strikewatch

If you haven’t already forgotten, the WGA strike continues without a resolution. So count this as a reminder that the late-night chat shows are all on the air. David Letterman and Craig Ferguson remain the only WGA-approved shows. Comedians on the lineup for Letterman this week? Bill Cosby on Tuesday, Artie Lange on Friday. On Ferguson’s show? Denis Leary on Monday, Ryan Sickler on Wednesday, Sebastian Maniscalco on Thursday, Al Madrigal on Friday. Conan clearly needed last week off (they replayed his visit to Chicago) as he’s really tried harder than the others to do a show without writers. Leno? Ack. Jon Stewart seems to have all of his correspondents back on the air, sometimes with pre-taped segments that may or may not have been in the can pre-strike, but also in the studio and not always improvising. Er. Um. Stephen Colbert has been doubling up on guests to fill time. The fact that you can watch full episodes of Leno, Conan, "A" Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report online only heighten the tension, because online plays and revenues are part of the heart of the matter in the WGA writers’ negotiations with the producers at the...

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