Day: January 24, 2008

Haircut week in comedy land?

Something I couldn’t help but notice Wednesday night at Rififi…aside from the huge crowds seeming to want to bask in this comedy’s scenes last gasps of glory…were all of the new short hairdos! Aziz Ansari. Kumail Nanjiani. Joselyn Hughes. Brooke Van Poppelen. All newly shorn and clean-cut. That Hughes and Van Poppelen sported nearly identical bobs made for an even more amusing sight earlier Wednesday when they co-hosted Slumber Party at Ochi’s Lounge in Comix. Here is Joselyn Hughes, pre-cut, in the new Dunkin Donuts commercial for Milky Way hot...

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Letterman tonight! TJ Miller, Andy Kindler

The show is taping as I type this, but my sources have informed me that in addition to comedian TJ Miller showing up tonight to talk Cloverfield with Letterman (and maybe Carpoolers, too), that comedian and Letterman regular Andy Kindler will appear on the program, as well. Kindler closed out last night’s Invite Them Up show at Rififi, told me afterward he’d be in NYC through Friday. Kindler also says he hopes to make more trips to New York City in the coming months, so keep an eye out. Here’s why you might see him tonight… UPDATED (Friday): So yes, Andy Kindler introduced a taped segment in which he tries to get a life coach, but instead learns what’s so so wrong about him. That should relieve some stress! And could TJ Miller have been more excited to be on the show? It’s a rhetorical question. Most comedians want a spot on Letterman, but they usually first get on the show performing stand-up. Miller skipped right to "panel" (for those of you not already in the know, that’s TV lingo for sitting in the chair for chat with the host) because of his role in the movie, Cloverfield. Miller was so excited that about midway through panel, he even exclaimed how cool it was to be on Letterman. Then, at the end of the segment, Miller tried to (and...

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Eugene Mirman talks Gothamist, Obama

Gothamist has a new interview with Eugene Mirman up today, and it reminds me that the cityblog’s comedy coverage just isn’t the same since parting ways recently with the young and eager Ben Kharakh (or should I say, Keith Whitener?). Not that the interview is horrible, but neither is it horribly insightful. The intro to the interview, for example, notes that Mirman will be performing in a show with Aziz Ansari, and they’ve both performed at Gothamist shows. As the author, ahem, attempts to joke: "Guess they’ll have some reminiscing to do!" Already knew that Mirman is taking part in a funny fundraiser next week for the presidential campaign of Democratic U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. The other performers at the "Get Out The Laughs and Votes For Obama" event Jan. 29 at the Knitting Factory are Todd Barry, Aziz Ansari, Heather Lawless, Whitest Kids U’Know, Slovin and Allen, Andrea Rosen, Laura Krafft, Greg Johnson, David Rees and more, with music from Shonali Bhowmik and Marcellus Hall. Tickets, for $25, can be purchased online here. I asked Eugene about getting politically involved, or at least indirectly involved, over on the message boards at A Special Thing. His reply? "I don’t think anyone will vote for Barack because I like him (though he is handsome, articulate and wise), but the event will raise money (which he can use to trick people)....

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Louis CK taping, March 1, Boston

If you’ve seen Louis CK’s stand-up at any point in the past few months, then you have been amazed to learn that he has built up a brand-new hour of stand-up since his last special, Shameless, and that this new hour is perhaps funnier than anything he has done yet. So you’ll be pleased to know that he’s ready to put it to tape. He’ll be recording his set March 1 in Boston at the Berklee Peformance Center. Tickets go on sale Friday. Louis CK himself went on a couple of comedy message boards to spread the word to "comedy nerds" about special ticket discounts. What makes it even better, though, is that on The Comedy Studio board out of Cambridge, Mass., he tweaked his post just a tad with a phrase here and an extra line there that’ll only appeal that much more to the comedy nerds. His new special will be called Chewed Up. Go to his site for details on ticket discounts. Here is Louis CK’s current Ticketmaster...

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