Day: January 16, 2008

Live comedy at Sundance? Sweet!

This year’s Sundance Film Festival kicks off this weekend with live laughs, courtesy of Seth Herzog’s Sweet show. Well, actually it’s courtesy of Toyota and producer Adam Bauer. But that’s why they call it show business, right? As for the shows, if you’re in the vicinity of Park City, Utah, on Friday and/or Saturday, just head over to the Sidecar Lounge at 333 Main St. between 6:30 and 7 p.m. It’s not quite like being in the Slipper Room on the Lower East Side, but from what I gather, Herzog’s comedy showcase should be a lot of fun, because he’ll be joined by Saturday Night Live‘s Jason Sudeikis, David Wain (who cast Herzog and Sudeikis in his 2007 film The Ten, which screened at last year’s Sundance and came out on DVD this week), Nick Kroll and John Veiner. Oh, and there’s likely to be at least one big special surprise stand-up performer, too. Care to know more? Well, then, just sit back and let Seth Herzog and Jason Sudeikis explain part of their plans. Comedy at Sundance: Sweet!Uploaded by thecomicscomic I know, I know. The lighting. But I prefer working without all the bells and whistles of traditional videographers. Them and their flashes and microphones and whatnots. Just as I’ve been known to throw myself into situations as a print journalist, why not go gonzo in digital multimedia,...

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Two more videos: Erik; striking writers

I don’t know that I meant to post so many videos today, but they keep popping up on my computer and why wait until later what you can post now, right? First up, Erik Charles Nielsen. He performs at some of the non-mainstream, you might call them "alternative" rooms in the Los Angeles area, got his comedic start in Boston, got a comedic break in Aspen last year, and well, you have to realize that even though he’s technically acting in this sketch for Erik the Librarian, that the genius of Erik is that for everyone who doesn’t get him or doesn’t want to get him, there are plenty of other people (among them, comedians) who simply cannot stop laughing. Just watch the reaction from The Office‘s Mindy Kaling, for instance. Is Life Worth Living?Uploaded by erikthelibrarian The second clip comes from a new site called Big Think, where big thinkers come to express their big ideas, or something like that. Here we see three striking writers — Dan Goor, Colin Jost and Laura Krafft, talk about the ongoing WGA...

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UCB’s new comedy site,

Yeppers. The Upright Citizens Brigade, which already has online sites to check out schedules and performers at its New York City, Los Angeles and touring companies, launched its own original content video joke machine today. It’s Check it out! UPDATED: I just checked it out. Lots of fun stuff, links to ASSSCAT and Improv Everywhere vids, and thankfully, embed codes. Here’s a video I somehow hadn’t seen before now, but shows the madness prankster that is Rob Lathan in "Lost...

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Comedy tour for sale

The newswires sometimes get snookered into running press releases that aren’t so much press releases as much as they are free advertisements. Such as this notice today for the We Kings Too national comedy tour, featuring Eddie Griffin, Anthony Anderson, J. Anthony Brown and Capone. The release reminds you of the success of the Kings of Comedy tour, which featured none of these comedians (and though not noted in the ad, also spawned several other group comedy tours, including the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and The Comedians of Comedy). The release says the tour will hit 25 cities with "an exceptional media campaign." Oh, and by the way, they’re looking for "major corporate sponsors and investors to launch the project." So it’s not happening unless you call or email now to fund it. Comedy tour for...

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Women in comedy? Media asks

The San Francisco Chronicle headline today already has you groaning before you read the actual story: Yes, guys, they’re funny and female. I went to a comedy show last night that featured four very different female stand-ups: Whitney Cummings, with a comedic sensibility that’s very Los Angeles; Laura Krafft, striking writer from The Colbert Report with a hilarious list of suggested laws for pedestrians; Chelsea Peretti, willing to break down all barriers to make you laugh; and Janeane Garofalo, godmother to the "alternative" scene who’s unafraid to still bring that notebook onstage and talk about what politics or what she’s watching on TV and let you know she’s likely not going to read this site because she doesn’t have a computer or an email address. You could argue that the Chronicle was trying to help the cause of women in stand-up comedy. But, eh, not really. Some notes sound condescending. There’s an odd need at the end of the article to mention that some of the comedians asked about which quotes be put off the record. Odd, because all sorts of people in all sorts of professions wonder how they’ll be portrayed at the end of an on-the-record interview, so to point it out for female comedians just makes them look worse for no good reason. And for bonus points, in interviewing Rachel Dratch, the reporter (and in turn,...

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