Day: January 9, 2008

Video: How Dan Naturman sleeps

A new day for The Comic’s Comic. We now have our own channel on Dailymotion. First up: A slice of life on the Greenwich Village sidewalk outside the Comedy Cellar, in which we capture Robert Kelly asking Dan Naturman about his bedtime ritual. Almost edited the end of this, but decided to leave the plot twisty freaky ending in for fun times, and to show how much I have to learn about multimedia. Look for much much more in the future. How Dan Naturman sleepsUploaded by...

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Promotion is everything?

The old adage/joke tells us that the most important thing in comedy is…wait for it…wait for it…timing. Well, that’s what they told us then. Talk to just about anyone in the funny business these days and they’ll all eventually say how much you need to promote yourself to get ahead (and yes, they often cite Dane Cook and his 2 million MySpace friends as the prime example). We’re barely a week into 2008 and already we can see a few examples of comedians pulling out the stops — including one who also pulled back the curtain — so we can all see just how screwed up show bidness can get. Example #1: Mark Malkoff "moves" into a New Jersey IKEA while his two-bedroom Queens apartment is getting fumigated. I’d like a two-bedroom apartment. Instead, I get to see Malkoff get free nationwide press and a link to his site documenting his IKEA living. Malkoff works as the audience coordinator for The Colbert Report and previously got publicity for a film documenting his visits to all of the Manhattan Starbucks in a day, 171 Starbucks. Example #2: Amy Barkowsky vows to go without her cell phone for 60 whole days!!! I mean, really, has 10 years changed our society that much? Back then, I’d gone without my cell phone for my entire life. Anyhowserhoosiers. She not only has a site...

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Live from 50 First Jokes

Some club owners rely on "bringer" shows, requiring comedians to bring paying audience members with them to ensure a decent turnout. Here’s another way: Book 50 comedians for your show and they’ll fill the room themselves. Heck, why not make it 70?! That’s not quite what was in the mindset for comedians John F. O’Donnell, Claudia Cogan and Jiwon Lee when they came up with "50 First Jokes" night Saturday at The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City. They just wanted to invite a bunch of their friends and fellow comedians for a raucous night of rapid-fire new jokes to kick off the new year. They brought comedians up in groups of 20 and, one by one, had them deliver their first jokes of 2008. Everyone quickly got into the spirit (except for the restaurant’s waitress, who yelled at the comics for essentially taking over and cramping the entire joint) and more than a few comedians said then and there that this was one of the best shows. Not because the jokes were all brilliant, mind you. I think the camaraderie and bonding among comedians showed that even in the big, bad New York City, we can all get along and so on and so forth. Although I can say that by the end, I wondered if every single person in the bar and restaurant was going...

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