Month: December 2007

Dave Attell on his new short, Dave’s Place

Dave Attell’s new live-action animation short, Dave’s Place, debuts today on Funny or Die. Here’s what Attell told me last night about it… "I want to do a drunken Pee Wee’s Playhouse where comics can come in and we have adventures and stuff. I don’t know if I’ve got it right just yet. But it’s very cool. The people I work with are really cool," Attell told me. "I got it down to a delicious 3-1/2 minutes — not the more delicious director’s cut that you saw." Judah Friedlander co-stars as Amazor. Look for a quick glance of Wil Sylvince as the DJ. It’s directed by David Rasura, edited by Jeremy Baumann, with music by Bob Golden. Look for the rest of my interview with Attell later...

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Dave Hill as Santa

Those of you with the MOJO HD-TV channel may know Dave Hill as the King of Miami. Those of you who frequent the UCB Theatre in NYC know him as the host of the Dave Hill Explosion. But this month, think of Dave Hill as Santa. A very, very, very bad Santa. Funny, too. As the warning below indicates, strong language makes this NSFW. Hill and his little friend also have produced funny videos called "Little Michael Jackson and Me" and usually induce hilarious mayhem during Hill’s UCB shows. So, even more to enjoy! If you’re in New York, you can see Hill perform live on Thursday at Comix as part of The Onion’s holiday benefit show with Eugene Mirman, Jessi Klein, Giulia Rozzi, Anthony DeVito and...

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A fresh take on the Seattle comedy scene

The Seattle Times dropped in on its local comedy scene for a random portrait. So, as with most random portraits of comedy, the piece opens with things not going swimmingly at an open mic! The focus seems to be on the "hipsters" (not my word, nor ever my word) of The People’s Republic of Komedy. The male and female halves of Shecky have more experience with them than I have — I left Seattle in 2001 — so perhaps I can try to make more sense of what Shecky calls the headscratcher quote from my friend Ron Reid at the Comedy Underground. Reid gets quoted thusly: "It’s a little more indie and artsy than it’s been in the past. The shows are either free or 5 bucks, so … there’s not this push to be exclusive or ‘make it big.’ I think the hipsters like it because no one’s ‘selling out.’ " So how was it in the past? Well, if we’re talking about 10 years ago, when I first began frequenting the open mics to make the transition from improv, in Seattle, you had two nights at the Comedy Underground, a night at Giggles, and then random weekly bar nights that would spring up around the city whenever a fellow comic could convince the bar’s management to give comedy a try. The open mics attracted just about everyone...

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Dane Cook as “Bill Hicks Lite”???

Dane Cook recently brought his "Rough Around the Edges" arena tour of greatest hit bits and new material to Dallas, where about 13,000 fans screamed their approval. But Matt Weitz, writing for the Dallas Morning News, had a slightly different take on Cook and his comedy. I’m going to give you the quote now and let you digest it, then when you’re ready, click on for his full review. OK? Here’s the quote, italics mine, on how Weitz describes Cook: "It is a freshness, however, that doesn’t necessarily translate beyond a more established comedy fan’s tendency to view his routines as sort of a derivative Bill Hicks Lite." Really? Bill Hicks? Are you sure he wasn’t thinking of Denis Leary? Leary and Cook are both from Boston, so maybe that was the confusion. Because I’m fairly sure comedy fans don’t tend to put Cook and Hicks in the same conversation. Or did I miss Cook’s one-hour special on smoking and the evils of advertising because I was watching him shoot a cashew off of his penis in the BK Lounge? Anyhow… Here’s the rest of his...

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High Fives Gone Hollywood

First we had the high fives. Now we have the high fives gone Hollywood. Thanks, Funny or Die. And note to Seth: Kudos on your new gig helping celebrities get in on the funny. Looks like it’s working. Alrighty then…onto the videos. Here’s the Hollywood version. And here’s the...

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