Month: December 2007

Gabe & Max, bong bong for Boing Boing

Gabriel Delahaye and Max Silvestri produced a short video about Internet tips that tore up the Internet so much that the folks at Boing Boing asked them to do another. And here it is. If you want to see Max live, he hosts a monthly show at Rififi in NYC’s East Village, and the next one is Sunday, Dec. 9, with co-host Jenny Slate and guests Jon Friedman, Lang Fisher, Aubrey Tennant and Crack’d Out. Gabe, meanwhile, co-hosts the monthly Ritalin Readings series, and at this month’s show, he captivated the audience with selections from "The Y2K Personal Survival Guide" (stock up on two-liter plastic bottles, people!) as well as an essay he wrote about Alien vs. Predator hosting a New Year’s Eve party. Dee-light-full! He’s also a contributing editor to the new fun-with-news Huffington Post blog 23/6. And here is their original video, which you probably already have seen but now joyously want to relive, so...

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Dave Attell, not quite “Miserable” yet

Dave Attell is watching a clip of himself from Comedy Central’s Last Laugh ’07 on my cell phone (thank you, Verizon LG Voyager!). He’s joking about how the Kardashians are hot and hairy. "That’s good. I can watch that and write that down in case I do Conan again," Attell tells me in a Starbucks in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Wait. Conan? Is the strike over? Not yet. "But I have to be ready," he said. He booked a date well in advance, and he said if the strike ends in time, he’d need to know what jokes he could get away with on network TV and fast. "Plus, I only have 12 jokes," he said. We know better. Attell has a new HBO special debuting on Saturday called Captain Miserable. It’s his first major TV appearance since wrapping up Insomniac for Comedy Central with a concert stop in Las Vegas. He taped the show this summer in a D.C. theater (the same one Jim Norton taped his recent HBO special in — did HBO get a package deal there or something?), and already, Attell wonders if the jokes hold up. Sort of. "It was a different world six months ago," he said. "Then we were losing in Iraq. Now we’re winning. Lindsay Lohan was in rehab. Now she’s running for president." But seriously. The first time Attell...

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One-time-only lesson for comedy marketing

Name-dropping works. At least the first time. Thanks, Stuckey & Murray. Their show, Slightly Buzzed, is tonight at Rififi. This is their ode to people they know in New York City and environs. I wonder how many of the people referenced therein already have managed to mention it on their blogs and appropriate MySpace and Facebook pages…(note: they don’t mention me, so hahaha! I’m still undercover, brother! but not...

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RIP, Rasheed Thurmond

Funeral services were held earlier today for Brooklyn comedian Rasheed Thurmond, who died last week of a heart attack, much too soon at 36. The Laugh Factory in Midtown Manhattan offered its own tribute for comedians on Sunday. Friends continue to offer condolences on Rasheed’s MySpace page. My condolences go out to his family, friends and loved ones. Here is his appearance on P. Diddy’s Bad Boys of...

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