Month: November 2007

SNL with Brian Williams

Brian Williams didn’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting, as they say, hosting Saturday Night Live over the weekend. And why should he have to? It’s not as if he had a more important nightly gig on the network to report to? Oh, right. Anyhow. For reasons I’ve yet to decipher, the show’s political sketches often miss the mark and run long (or feel long) in the process. Even when Sen. Barack Obama makes a surprise cameo. With a presidential campaign cycle about to hit its stride, it’s natural for SNL to want to weigh in, but where’s the jokes? On that note, enjoy this funny parody of Apple’s current iPhone ad campaign. Note to NBC: Hurry up with the Hulu, already, so we can get embedded video back. Thanks. Next week’s show reportedly includes host The Rock and musical guest Amy Winehouse, but methinks the WGA strike might put the ol’ kibosh on...

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Eliza Skinner is Shameless!

New Yorkers already have come to know and love Eliza Skinner for her musical talents as part of the popular musical improv duo I Eat Pandas. Even as a solo act, though, Skinner shines in her production of Eliza Skinner is: SHAMELESS! which returns for two shows this month, tonight and again Nov. 16, at the UCB. With only the help of title cards to set the scenes (and add extra jokes), Skinner dives into character to portray three uniquely disturbed women: Karen, the inappropriate insensitive mother who feels an intensely special bond with her daughter; Deborah, a 30-year-old mother who has a thing for one of her child’s friends; and Amy, whose Friday night out on the town turns into a trainwreck. Skinner rotates through each character three times, each time updating and accelerating their individual descents into shamelessness. She holds what could easily be a two-, three-, or four-person sketch together all by herself. It’s impressive work. So go see it. Showtime is 7 p.m. Cost: $5. I Eat Pandas, by the way, performs next at the UCB on Nov....

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