Day: November 30, 2007

Blake Lewis, still #2

This video is silly and not at all safe for work (profanity), but it does show that Blake Lewis has a sense of humor after American Idol, as well as a sense of Seattle-area camaraderie with comedians Kyle Cease, Bob Bledsoe, Tracy Tuffs and others. Even if they’re all Hollywood now....

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Lingering thoughts from Las Vegas

Now that I’ve had a chance to rest and gather my thoughts, a few things still left to be said about The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas. For one thing, I’m still not really sure what Ellen DeGeneres was trying to accomplish with "Ellen’s Really Big Show" at Caesars Palace. They say you shouldn’t critique a TV taping, because it all looks much better once it’s edited for broadcast, but really…this show was a really big dud. DeGeneres had talked up this special as an attempt to rejuvenate the variety show. Only the variety show doesn’t need rejuvenating. Her guests included jugglers, acrobats, and the quick-change artists who had already made a splash on America’s Got Talent. And that show isn’t going anywhere, considering its relatively high TV ratings and the ongoing Writers Guild strike. DeGeneres also included a nod to Ed Sullivan. But isn’t David Letterman doing something similar with his odd assortment of guests with their stupid human tricks every night (when not on strike)? Frank Caliendo impresses you much more in person doing stand-up than on his fledgling TV show, which only makes me question Barry Katz (his show’s executive producer) that much more. One thing you often hear about The Comedy Festival is how it’s built for headlining acts and not for showcasing up-and-coming talent. But I saw plenty of industry people and tourists checking...

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