Day: November 16, 2007

Tim and Eric take on Vegas

Tim and Eric Nite Live hit the road last night with a special show in Las Vegas as part of The Comedy Festival at Caesars Palace. I ran into Eric and friends (including Neil Hamburger) later at the festival lounge and they remained very playful. Enjoy. Actually, wait. Enjoy is the wrong word. As Tim himself accurately predicted, I can review their show in one word:...

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Frank Caliendo: Ready for his close-up?

Frank Caliendo seemed and sounded rather composed for a guy about to perform his first major TV stand-up special and launch his own series on TBS. Frank TV debuts Nov. 20. And Caliendo had the same reaction to his incessant TBS promo ads that you likely had. "To all of you who watch baseball, ‘I’m sorry,’" he said. Those were his first words to me backstage, and they’re how he opens his stand-up special "All Over the Place" that airs tonight on TBS. To those who don’t know Caliendo, the ads may not have given you an accurate portrayal of what he’s like onstage or what you should expect out of his sketch show. "No, not at all," he agreed. "But it wasn’t supposed to. It was supposed to get you curious as to what this show was going to be." That’s what his stand-up special aims to do. "It’s an introduction to me," Caliendo said. "I did a Comedy Central Presents, which was about 30 percent of what I wanted to do." The other 70 percent showcases his wide and dizzying array of voices, some of which football fans already know from seeing Caliendo on FOX’s NFL pre-game show (Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson appear in a taped bit for his special) or at one of his club shows over the years. The title refers to...

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