Day: November 7, 2007

Doug Benson gets ready for Carnegie Hall

Doug Benson will perform with Sarah Silverman and Todd Barry tonight at Carnegie Hall as part of the New York Comedy Festival. Big deal, right? No worries for Benson. "Even if half of the people laugh at the joke, that’s still a lot of laughter," he said. And he figures they’ll laugh. Why? "I’m the sixth-funniest comedian in the world. They did an international search!" he said. Benson, of course, is referring to his participation in this year’s edition of Last Comic Standing. He also ranked highly with members of the comedy message board, A Special Thing, ranking #8 among working comedians on their latest poll. "I got an exciting move up on that one," he said. "I jumped from 14th on that one." Not that it really matters to him. "I don’t know why anything needs to be compared. But people love to do it. I contribute to that with all of my participation on all the VH1 shows. People like things in a nice orderly fashion. What am I going to do? Somebody puts me on a list. So be it. I can’t say anything about it…When I won ‘Stoner of the Year’ for High Times magazine, I don’t understand what that process was at all, three or four guys getting baked and picking a name." So it wasn’t a poll or a contest, then? "I think...

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Artie Lange’s “crazy weekend” (of comedy)

Artie Lange isn’t dead yet. I know you’re thinking it. Better yet, Artie Lange knows you’re thinking it. The comedian and sidekick for Howard Stern calls this the happiest time in his life. He’s the only performer in this week’s New York Comedy Festival to have two headlining gigs, Friday at Town Hall and Sunday at Avery Fisher Hall. In between, he’s driving up to Boston to take part in Denis Leary’s annual Comics Come Home. "It’s a crazy weekend for me," Lange told me last week. Isn’t every weekend crazy for him, though? Just talking about the festival got him reminiscing about last year, when he played Carnegie Hall. " Caroline Hirsch and her people there, Louis Faranda, they’ve always been great fans of mine," he said. "But a guy like me getting Carnegie Hall, that’s as big as it gets. It sold out in two hours. Great story, and it shows you the power of the Stern show." He said his Town Hall gig sold out during the American Express pre-sale. "Look, it’s a great point in my career and you try to enjoy it while you can, because there’s ups and downs as you go," he said. Why squeeze in Saturday in Boston? "I did seven episodes of Rescue Me. Denis Leary did me a great favor, so I said I’d do this for him." Carnegie...

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