Month: January 2007

Robin Williams, “working on material”

Five years after he returned to stand-up comedy, Robin Williams appears to be attempting another return to the stage. At least, that’s what it looked like last night when Williams launched into his first of two sold-out last-minute performances at the Comedy Connection in Boston. The reasoning? Williams is the star attraction Friday at the Yankee Dental convention at Hynes Convention Center. The dentists are paying $100-$175 to see him there. On Saturday, people will pay $225-$275 to see Williams perform at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City. No wonder, then, that the comic might want to brush up on his stand-up skills before having fans pay a pretty price just to hear him. They should get their money’s worth. Right? So what did Boston fans (who’ll see him again at 10 p.m. tonight) get for their $25 in the intimate Comedy Connection setting? For one thing, 98 minutes of pure Robin Williams (for better or worse, depending upon your viewpoint within the comedy community). The theme of his wildly scattered riffing? Everything old is new again. And everything new is up for ranting. Dressed simply in a black short-sleeve T-shirt (with monster skull face) and black jeans, he opened with about a half-hour of material that couldn’t have been more topical if he were a late-night TV talk-show host. "I’m here as part of ‘The...

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(Blank) in a box!

You have to hand it to Saturday Night Live. Every once in a while, they get it. Not just delivering laughs, but also understanding the need to let everyone in on the joke. Over the holidays, NBC’s longtime late-night institution proved that once again with the music video, "Dick in a Box," starring Justin Timberlake and SNL’er Andy Samberg. Like "Lazy Sunday" before it, the video has only gotten more popular online, inspiring millions more viewers and countless parodies. This time, however, NBC wised up and put the video on YouTube — along with many more SNL sketches — online for anyone to see, anytime, anyplace. One of the "Box" parodies/tributes getting buzz is "My Box in a Box." For good reason. This video has all of the essential qualities you need in a buzzworthy YouTube vid: Solid production values, a catchy soundtrack and an attractive woman who’s not afraid to give plenty of come hither poses. Nice job,...

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