Day: September 22, 2006

Bobby Slayton on Married Man vs. Entourage

Bobby Slayton admits he doesn’t often perform here, but there’s a couple of good reasons why he’ll be doing stand-up around New England this weekend. “I’m coming to see the (Rolling) Stones, I’m trying to pay for this million-dollar (expletive) house. I’ve got, my old man lives in Mashpee. And then Mike Clarke said, we’ll get you a gig in Giggles, get you a gig in Hyannis…I kinda like to earn my keep.” Some people have said that HBO’s Entourage is the male version of Sex and the City. I always thought that honor should’ve gone to Mind of the Married Man, in which Slayton played a guy named Slayton.“I just started getting into Entourage,” he said. “People are stupid. They always try to label a show…When Binder wrote (Married Man), it’s old news already, but the show itself, it really was like Sex and the City. Horny guys trying to get laid. Entourage, they have that apartment, but it’s more about show-biz.” Slayton had front row seats to the Stones concert at Gillette Stadium, thanks to his friendship with someone who works for the band. “It just defies…it’s amazing to me. I’m 50. But if I run across the comedy club stage, I have to catch my breath,” he said. Not Jagger, who’s past 60. “He runs around like a spidermonkey. I don’t know how he does...

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Finnegan, the Best Best Week Ever panelist?

Christian Finnegan, of all of the people VH1 has brought onto Best Week Ever, is perhaps the best Best Week Ever commenter. Concise. Right on point. I’ve had the chance to talk to him twice this year, once in January when he appeared at the Comedy Studio (we hung out for a bit afterward and he was as nice in person as he was on the phone) and then again this week, in advance of his headlining gigs tonight and tomorrow at the Comedy Connection. On Wednesday night, he offered some insight into this week’s episode of BWE: – Rachael Ray’s new TV talk-show: "Rachael Ray’s show is great if you like to watch other people eating." – The new Tickle Me Extreme Elmo: "The first toy in the world that can fellate itself, unless you count Bathhouse Teddy Ruxbin." – On Jackie Chan’s disclosure that he appeared in a 1970s porn film: "And to answer the question that’s on your mind, yes, he does his own stunts." Finnegan is a newlywed, and I asked him how he felt about getting media attention for his wedding to Kambri Crews. "By media attention, you mean The Apiary?" he asked. "It’s really uncomfortable, to be honest." He said Crews simply wanted to share photos with relatives of hers, not thinking they’d end up getting blogged about, and blogged about some more....

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