Day: March 31, 2006

Frisky Feline Fool: Erin Judge

(part of a series of April Fools profiles of comedians worth your attention) Who are you? Erin Judge How old are you? 25 Where do you live? Somerville, Mass. What’s your story? She has her own night at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge’s Harvard Square (since January 2005) and also her own sketch group. A Wellesley grad, Judge began performing comedy almost four years ago. Her original roots are in improv, "but that was in college, so it doesn’t count," she said. She "loved stand-up addictively as a kid. I didn’t have any friends. And then I stole people’s jokes. And then I made friends." She remembers watching Ellen DeGeneres, Judy Gold and others on showcase stand-ups, and said she probably respects Chris Rock the most. She leads sketch troupes in  themed performances that range from artistic to zany but mostly dabble in subtle satire. What’s your foolosophy? "I think comedy should be funny. It’s so tempting to do comedy about standard, traditional, predictable stuff," she said. "The trick is to be innovative and still have a product that people can relate to." What’s your niche? "The way the show is, with the themed shows, it’s not entirely unique, but the shows themselves have taken on a life of their own. And as a solo performer in Boston, I’m not a girly girl. I like to think of myself...

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Thinking Man’s Fool: Baratunde Thurston

(part of a series of April Fools profiles of comedians worth your attention) Who are you? Baratunde Thurston How old are you? 29 Where do you live? Somerville, Mass. What’s your story? Originally from Washington, D.C., Baratunde Thurston is a Harvard grad who bills himself as a vigilante pundit. His book of jokes and political musings, "Keep Jerry Falwell Away From My Oreo Cookies," is available online as a free download, as are his regular audio blogs, "The Front Porch Podcast." He’s also recently become part of the Laughing Liberally show in New York City. On April 25, he’ll perform for a fund-raiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick. He also has appeared on panels for SXSW’s interactive portion of the festival. Baratunde started doing stand-up four years ago. What’s your foolosophy? "Make ’em laugh. Make ’em think. It’s somewhat covert. I feel like some of my jokes are spies, a Trojan horse. Some of my jokes are silly, too." What’s your niche? "I’m a young, hip, brown Jon Stewart." What are your goals? "Take over the world! Jokes are a really good cover for...

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