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Episode #101: Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly plays the Heathens drummer Bam Bam on Denis Leary’s FX series, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, which begins its second season this Thursday, and popularized the double-meal deal, Bang Bang, playing Louis CK’s brother Bobby on the award-winning FX series, Louie. He hilariously chastised me for combining the two things, Bam Bam! Bang Bang!! More importantly, though, Bobby caught me up on how he got clean and sober 30 years ago as a teenager living just north of Boston, emerging as a love of art, women and comedy. He tells of how he formed an improv group that auditioned and welcomed...

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Amy Schumer announces world arena tour for 2016, including second date at MSG

“This isn’t my dream come true. This is beyond anything I could have ever fucking imagined for myself.” That was Amy Schumer at the end of her stand-up performance Thursday night at Madison Square Garden, where she not only became the first female comedian to headline the arena — and sell out the joint — but also announced she’s going on a full world tour of arenas, including a second date back at MSG in October. She also did so on Facebook Live, which is having quite the week itself. Here are the dates and ticket info for...

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Episode #100: Doug Stanhope

Welcome to our 100th episode together of The Comic’s Comic Presents Last Things First. This isn’t like the other episodes, and not just because it’s our 100th episode – I mean, is any sit-down with Doug Stanhope normal, exactly? Even though Stanhope and I haven’t sat down together in more than five years, he called me out the second he saw me across the room at the end of his own podcast at the inaugural Skankfest in Long Island City. “He’s going to ask me questions,” Stanhope announced to the crowd. “And I’m going to dodge all of them.”...

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Joel Kim Booster’s debut on Conan

Joel Kim Booster made his Conan debut on Wednesday, and explained what it was like growing up as an adopted Korean baby in the Midwest U.S. in the 1980s. For instance: “I knew I was gay before I knew I was Asian.” He also reports that the Midwest sensibilities can be just as insensitive as the South: “All the hatred and violence, but no sweet tea. So what’s the point?” If only he could play hard to get. Roll the...

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Stephen Colbert to broadcast LIVE editions of The Late Show during 2016 GOP, Democratic conventions

“We’ll do it live!” Stephen Colbert presided over a live edition of The Late Show on CBS this February following Super Bowl 50, and he’s hosted a rare live episode in late-night here and there as well. So why not take advantage of the anticipated political fireworks that’ll go off this July in Cleveland and Philadelphia during the Republican and Democratic parties national conventions? That’s the plan, announced late Wednesday. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will broadcast live in late-night (11:35 p.m. live for the East Coast, and 10:35 p.m. live for the Central time zone; taped for the...

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