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Andrew Sleighter on Conan

Free hotel continental breakfasts are for everybody, but reading books to children is for nobody but you? I don’t want to give away all of Andrew Sleighter‘s trade secrets. So I’ll let you decide for yourself how much you want to know and when you want to know it, but if you watched Sleighter’s stand-up debut on Thursday’s Conan, then you already know. Roll the...

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Carol Burnett recalls the advice Lucille Ball gave her about managing writers, producers

Carol Burnett visited Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday night and recalled the times that Lucille Ball guested on Burnett’s hit sketch comedy series, The Carol Burnett Show. From one red-headed comedy icon running a hit show to another, Burnett recalled how Ball had a mastery of her production that Burnett envied: “Her crew would die for her. She was great. I couldn’t do that.” So if a sketch wasn’t working in rehearsals, Burnett told Meyers that she’d say it wasn’t working for her and ask for the writers to help her. “In those days, if a woman...

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Corporate comedy gigs in 2015 same as they ever were, David Spade tells Jimmy Kimmel Live

David Spade recently performed in a corporate gig in San Francisco that also included performances by John Legend and David Blaine. But as Spade told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the state of the corporate comedy gig in 2015 is the same as it was 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. At least in terms of what they ask of comedians. Not sure what they pay, though! How’s the pay, Spade? “They give you specific things to talk about, you know? They go, ‘Hey, the VP over here. He’s got three balls and beats his wife....

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Thomas Middleditch was clowning on McDonald’s in 2006, got paid for his viral video parody

Years before Thomas Middleditch was an award-nominated star of HBO’s Silicon Valley, he was just another comedian hustling for fame in Chicago, and in 2006, he didn’t imagine that his rap video mocking McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets would amount to as much as it has. Because McDonald’s bought the video Middleditch recorded on the sidewalk outside a McD’s in 2006 next to Wrigley Field and aired it as a TV commercial. Middleditch told Conan O’Brien that he’s not a fan of McDonald’s, or fast food in general. “Don’t get me started!” O’Brien got Middleditch to reminisce about that early viral...

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Up for auction: Jerry Seinfeld’s handwritten corrections to his 1989 PR bio

“’I’m a hookless act. I have absolutely no hook. There’s nothing physically odd about me, no screaming or profanity, no props, nothing ethnic, no strange clothes—and my name isn’t catchy either. If I don’t have the jokes, I’m dead’…With an intelligent and subtle style, Jerry Seinfeld has gone against the trend of stand-up comedians who favor style over substance. Instead, Seinfeld has chosen to concentrate on his material, and by using that deceptively simple approach to comedy has quietly become one of America’s top salaried night club performers.” That’s how Jerry Seinfeld directed Jonas Public Relations to pitch his...

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