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Patton Oswalt performs Mike Huckabee’s Twitter jokes on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel sets up this bit rather nicely. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, whose daughter serves as a propaganda officer for President Trump, keeps writing horribly unfunny jokes on Twitter. Huckabee fashions himself to be a comedian — and I’ve even seen him in a comedy club before, way back in the day when Comix existed and had Ochi’s Lounge downstairs in Manhattan — but doesn’t seem to have much sense of humor or his audience. Here’s what he wrote the other day in response to criticism: I Tweet for my amusement and your amazement. To haters trolls and...

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Going Hollywood: Meet Jenny Zigrino

People were going Hollywood long before Bing Crosby starred in the 1933 film musical Going Hollywood. Certainly, though, countless unknowns have packed their bags and moved to Los Angeles in the years and decades since then, hoping for show business to discover them and make them a star! New York City may be the city everyone goes to make it there before making it everywhere, but Hollywood remains the place where stars are born and made. It’s Show Business, USA. This is a recurring feature, a complementary West Coast version of Meet Me In New York, The Comic’s Comic’s...

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We need to talk about black women in comedy: VH1’s “All Jokes Aside”

If you think it’s still tough out there in the comedy trenches for a woman wanting to make it as a stand-up, then just imagine what it must be like for a black women. Heck, don’t imagine it. Go out and talk to some black women in comedy. That’s what the new short documentary, All Jokes Aside, for VH1 digital did. Over the course of 22 minutes, the camera follows Tiffany Haddish, Luenell, Amanda Seales and other women around Los Angeles, from their homes to the comedy clubs and back. Tichina Arnold (Martin) and Debra Wilson (MADtv) talk about...

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Celebrating stand-up comedians celebrating rock music: Comedy Central’s The Comedy Jam

The comedy boom of this decade has given rise to plenty of gimmicky live shows, plenty of ways performers have tried to jazz up stand-up comedy to attract audiences. Somehow The Comedy Jam has risen above its gimmick. Born in 2014 as a showcase of comedians rocking out with a live band in Los Angeles, the G-D Comedy Jam began hitting the road a year later, and then made the jump to Comedy Central with a one-time-only special. Only the sight of seeing comedians do stand-up about a song or a period in their lives that leads into a...

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Funny or Die closes NYC office, moves East Coast creative team to Los Angeles

Following layoffs last year, Funny or Die has closed its New York city offices and moved its East Coast creative team west to Los Angeles. Page Six broke the news, confirmed by FoD in a statement. Most of the writers and other creative staffers (pictured above during Funny or Die’s Drunk Writing Day 2015) accepted the company’s decision to relocate. The company will maintain a small NYC sales office on Wall Street. The Post‘s gossips reported that 10 of 13 FoD employees made the move west. Call it a financial restructuring. Call it contraction if you will. On the...

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