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Just For Laughs fetes Kevin Hart, Jim Jefferies, Hasan Minhaj, Amanda Seales, “Big Mouth” with 2019 awards

We’re only a week away from the comedy industry’s annual confab in Montreal for Just For Laughs, and JFL has announced which big stars the fest will fete the most with Comedy Awards. This year’s recipients: Kevin Hart (Generation Award), Jim Jefferies (Stand-up Comedian of the Year), Hasan Minhaj (Breakout Comedy Star of the Year), Amanda Seales (Rising Comedy Star of the Year), and Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett for Netflix’s Big Mouth (Comedy Writers of the Year). Alonso Bodden will host the awards ceremony on July 26. Presenting each of the awards (which usually adds to the fun with unique speeches and jokes): For...

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Episode #268: Catherine Cohen

With degrees in English and Theater, Catherine Cohen not only graduated from Princeton University but also delivered a humorous speech at her own graduation. Five years later, Cohen became one of New York City’s newest It Girls, bringing the cabaret community back into the mainstream of comedy. She’s all over magazines such as Interview and GQ. Onscreen, you’ve already seen her in the finale of Comedy Central’s Broad City, as well an episode of HBO’s High Maintenance. Sh’ll soon appear on the big screen in the movie, Lovebirds. And all the while, Cohen holds court in the East Village...

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Review: “Bill Burr Presents IanTalk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading” on Comedy Central

In this age when comedians like to tease other comedians for delivering “TED talks” instead of stand-up comedy, it’s fascinating that nobody has actually used the TED talk format yet to both embrace and mock the trend. Until now. Thanks to Ian Edwards. And Bill Burr. Bill Burr Presents IanTalk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading, the second of three All Things Comedy produced specials previously announced by Comedy Central, premieres tonight at midnight. It’s set up to look like a legit TED talk, complete with the letters TED and a red circle onstage, with Burr using a headset mic to introduce...

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Reviewing the reviews of Aziz Ansari’s “Right Now” on Netflix

If you’re looking for my review of Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix special, Right Now, right now it’s on Decider. Media outlets generally avoid running critiques of stand-up specials. For whatever reason, some 12 years after I started The Comic’s Comic, there’s still not a lot of others taking a critical look at comedy — despite all of the journalists and bloggers who weigh in on movies, music and other performing arts. But when a comedian breaks through the noise, or even becomes the noise, the mainstream media and everyone else will rush in with their own hot takes and...

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Amazon launching four new comedy specials the week after its first Amazon Originals special in August

A year after Amazon Prime Video announced its intentions to compete for stand-up comedy by filming New Faces at Montreal’s Just For Laughs, the plan is starting to become clearer. The first Amazon Originals stand-up special, Jim Gaffigan; Quality Time, will premiere Aug. 16, 2019. The following Friday, Aug. 23, Amazon Originals will throw down four more new stand-up specials: Alonzo Bodden, #IMomSoHard, Alice Wetterlund, and Mike E. Winfield. In Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight, Bodden isn’t afraid to talk about everything: from topics like slavery to cell phones, the #MeToo Movement to millennials, Kanye to Taco Bell and a little...

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