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Valentine Video Roundup

Valentine’s Day is today, and in the grand tradition of parallel thinking in comedy, several videos are ready for your viewing pleasure to get through this "holiday," no matter your relationship status. Let’s take a look. The Onion News Network might be thought as callous for going after lonely women, but they always manage to turn a topic on its head. And quite professionally, too. It’s almost like a real local TV news report. Which is the point of this parody production.Online Dating Helping Pathetic Women Get Their Hopes Crushed More Efficiently Funny or Die devotes the top half of its main page to Valentine’s Day vids. Of course, this site’s niche is the roster of celebrity cohorts, so they invariably go to that well again today. Happy VD! on Super Deluxe: Ah, Super Deluxe. I embedded a video earlier this week from Dave Hill. Here’s another little gem of a sketch, this time from Ben...

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Jimmy Kimmel, back with writers

I almost forgot Jimmy Kimmel. My bad. Kimmel returned to the airwaves, too, last night, and mentioned the writers right off the bat. Confetti dropped. Horns blared. "So sit back and get ready for top-notch professionally-made comedy," Kimmel said. "And I’ll let you know when it kicks in." He talked about how writers had to watch all of this craziness happen without being able to joke about it. "Another gift from the comedy gods: Roger Clemens," he said. Which led to jokes and clips and a Carrot Top joke. "Welcome back, writers!" He said that’s when the confetti was supposed to fall. "Are other people on strike now?" he asked. "Are they on shifts?" Which reminds me, I didn’t include this earlier, and you may have seen it, but still. Recently, Sarah Silverman produced this anniversary gift for her boyfriend, Kimmel. Yes, this is the Matt Damon revenge...

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The Colbert Report, back with writers

Barack Obama has hope? "I hope I can get through this script," Stephen Colbert declares in the intro to Wednesday night’s show. Something he learned? "Reading is a muscle. And it can go soft on you." Also? "I was able to shave my strike beard. (pause for laughs) Downtown." And just as I wondered when any of the late-night guys were going to publicly acknowledge their writers, Colbert introduces them onstage one by one, handing them pens in some weird spin on a graduation processional, and somehow Tiki Barber is included in the mix. So, too, Kevin Bacon. And The Met! All of the actual Colbert Report writers got their proper due, as well. "I got my prompter back," Colbert said. They cut to the prompter: "Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow." And then onto the news to be spun. Would he already have a "Word" ready? Colbert has said previously that this is the most writer-intensive part of the show (I’ve heard him say it). But first, a guest. Then a new segment, "Stephen Colbert’s Fallback Position." It’s about backup careers in case he’s no longer wanted as a pundit. Taped segment, most probably. Still funny, though, because it allowed Colbert to exercise his improv muscles learning astrophysics at the Hayden Planetarium. No need to rush a new "Word" out of the writers. Enough to celebrate them and give them...

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Late Night with Conan, back with writers

Conan O’Brien showed the most tact during the WGA strike, and unsurprisingly, he returned to the airwaves early Thursday morning "striking" just the right notes. As he did during the strike, he mentioned the return of his writers early in his monologue. "I just want to say personally, it’s great to have them back," he said. "In fact, they wrote that. That was the first thing they wrote. ‘Say it! Say it!’" After the monologue, O’Brien at the desk again gave a shout-out to the writers, praising the return of "scripted dialogue" to the show. "For that long period of time, of course, doing those shows, we didn’t do any scripted material. And it was fun. We had some good times. But we didn’t do any stuff with dialogue," he said, adding: "We get to put ‘LaBamba’ in skits again!" Which they then immediately did, followed by a written sketch on strike small talk. Then, to catch everyone up, they played an eight-minute clip package of the sillier stuff they did to fill time during the strike. After a commercial break, twas onto the guests: Matt Lauer, Ryan Reynolds and Simple Plan. Full video, of course, available in the...

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The Tonight Show, back with writers

Jay Leno is back, with a monologue written by Writers Guild members, still a wreck. He flubs an early joke saying Osama instead of Obama. Just great, Jay. Just great. So he blames it on the writers. Where is the improvement? "Are you sure the writers came back?" he cracks. Remind me, please…who exactly thought this guy was a fan of the WGA? After the first break, a segment asking kids for romance advice. No writing necessary. Hmmm. Is there something deeper at work here, or is this just another typical Tonight Show with Jay Leno in a lame-duck year before the Conan...

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