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More previews from Human Giant

Another video just sprung forth with fun funny funness about the second season of Human Giant on MTV. The season starts March 11. Take that, paps! Decidedly, absurdly, NSFW. <a href="">WILL ARNETT-HUMAN GIANT SEX TAPE</a> on <a href=""></a> On a tangent…for whatever reason, when I upload a Funny or Die video on Internet Explorer, it doesn’t show up on Firefox. Anyone know why that...

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Sneak peek: The Root of All Evil

Lewis Black’s new Comedy Central series, The Root of All Evil, debuts March 12. Here’s a sneak peek at an episode in which Black presides over a debate between Oprah and the Catholic Church (series premise, in case you’re not playing along, is which one of these things is the root of all evil) with Greg Giraldo and Paul F. Tompkins taking...

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Laugh Factory no more in NYC?

DEVELOPING! In case you missed it, the "world famous" Laugh Factory no longer lists New York City among the club locations on its home page. A fellow comedian told me the other night that he had done a gig at Funny Biz. When I replied, "Funny Biz?" he informed me that it was the club that used to be the Laugh Factory. So I headed down to take a look for myself. Funny Biz at the Laugh Factory?Uploaded by thecomicscomic The colorful Laugh Factory marquee remains lit up across from the Port Authority, but several smaller signs say either Funny Biz or the Times Square Arts Center. They’re still doing comedy. The lineup posted at the box office the other night had Todd Lynn, Laurie Kilmartin and Ryan Reiss performing two shows. Hmmm. Curious. While still living in Boston, I came down here two years ago to participate in a "funny reporter" contest at this multi-room venue and afterward talked shop with Jamie Masada himself, who flew in to oversee the gig. Things have certainly changed. A press release from Jan. 29, 2008, lists a different name and owner, with intentions to book the five different theater spaces with more types of shows. In related news, the MySpace for the Laugh Factory Times Square displays a last login date of 4/13/2007. Updated: The club has a new online presence...

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