Author: Sean L. McCarthy

That Virgania Horsen video

Quite a few folks have come here looking for that Kristen Wiig video for "Virgania Horsen's Hot Air Balloon Rides" that got a sneak screening during the WGA strike and finally debuted on TV last weekend on Saturday Night Live. The kids at Defamer uploaded it last night under a different name (typo? or to avoid the wrath of NBC?). UPDATED: SNL did upload a second Virgania Horsen video, offering her "Pony Express" mail delivery service, which you can see online as part of SNL #34.10 with John Malkovich and...

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Video: Kyle Grooms as Barack Obama

Let it begin. Comedians wanting to put their best Barack foot forward, get yourself on camera, upload the video and see what happens. Here is Kyle Grooms. He’s from New Jersey. And this is his Obama impersonation. <a href="">B ROCK</a> on <a...

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The Apple Sisters sure like corn

Not since Better Off Dead have I heard a better endorsement for corn. It’s got corn in it! The Apple Sisters just released this commercial for Corndy, now in Applevision. Enjoy. <a href="">The Apple Sisters:  SPITTING CORN</a> on <a...

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Invite Them Up’s three-night finale

After a six-year run, Invite Them Up closes its comedy show career this week with three consecutive nights of comedy and afterparties at Rififi, tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday. Rififi itself will remain open. But Bobby Tisdale and Eugene Mirman will be going their separate ways. As they announced on their site: "We’ll do shows again, though not weekly and not for a little while." These final three nights don’t exactly have announced lineups but also don’t need them. Plenty of friends and great comedians will be coming out of the woodwork. See you...

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