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Sweating the small stuff

This story in the Aspen Times can teach us a few things. For one, when the show business industry and big-time comedy celebrities aren’t in Aspen, comedy is a difficult sell to a small ski town. For another, small-town newspapers really will print just about any bitter and/or petty thing you have to say. Not sure how long this article will remain online, so all the outrageously outrageous quotes will live on after the jump! Including the horrible puns. By the way, it’s David Crowe, not Crow. This information comes via the Aspen Times and reporter Carolyn Sackariason: Trying to operate a comedy club in Aspen has become a bad joke for its owner. And some of the comics aren’t laughing all the way to the bank, because they haven’t been paid. David Edgar, who opened the Aspen Comedy Club last summer, replacing Texas Reds in the space, shut his doors three weeks ago. He will try a “do-over” next month under a new name, “Bonkerz,” which is a Florida-based booking agency for comics. Edgar, his wife and two sons closed the barbecue joint on Cooper Avenue and replaced it with a comedy club in August. Edgar signed on with booking agent John Yoder, of Funny Business Inc., who provided a line-up of comedians until the club closed. The 200-seat venue had steady business for a few months, but...

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Name that talking head comedian

Years ago, living in Arizona, I turned on the TV screen and found one of them thar talking head funny funny har har shows on. You know the ones made popular by VH1 and then later on CMT, E! and elsewhere, wherein clips from the day or days gone by are rebroadcast, then commented upon and made fun of by quippy quippy people. Twas quite the novelty to love the 1970s or 1980s by mocking them. It’s become part of our societal fabric now. Back then, though, what amazed me even more than this TV mockathon was the fact that several of the talking heads were labeled as comedians, even though I’d never seen them perform or even heard of them before. How’d they get on my TV, then? Well, since moving to New York City, I’ve begun to learn that some of these so-called comedians weren’t headlining club comics, or even regular stand-up comedians, but improv and sketch folk in NYC or LA. Still, though, some of the named comedians on your TV may throw even seasoned performers for a loop. That’s what happened the other night when a stand-up comedian at the Comedy Cellar asked me who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks some of these people were. So I figured I’d help learn him and you on your TV talking head comedians. In this installment, we discover who got listed...

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About my new calendar

Greetings, readers. I’m continuing to find new and useful functions to assist you and your comedy needs here at The Comic’s Comic. To that end, today I’ve added a calendar of comedy events worth your time and money. It’s there on the right-hand column. See it? Great. Over time, I’ll be adding lots and lots to the calendar. Just to clarify, this will not be a list of shows I’m performing at — despite my name showing up above it. That’s a Google quirk that I have yet to figure out how to fix. If you know how, please let me know. Or if you think I should ditch Google calendar for a different listing, please, by all means, tell me that, too. Thanks. Here’s the deal: You perform. I write about it. And now I’ve got a function to help promote your show in...

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Emo Philips: Comedy Genius

In my 36 years on the planet Earth, not to mention my many years inhabiting other celestial bodies and spirits, I’ve seen plenty of great comedy shows, hundreds more live comedy shows that provided more than a few laughs, and some clunkers. Never have I laughed so hard, so often, and wanted to see a performer again, then I have last night watching and listening to Emo Philips at Comix in New York City. Of course, Emo and I go way back (not that he knew this) more than two decades, to the moment when a cassette tape of "E=MO2" fell into my possession. I don’t know when it happened. The cassette’s liner notes say that he recorded that set live at Carolines in NYC and released it to the world at large in 1985. At some point, in a series of coincidences and events reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings, this one comedy cassette to rule them all arrived in my hands, and then when I acquired a driver’s license and a car in 1987, into my car’s cassette deck with auto-reverse, wherein it made me laugh on a continuous basis for the better part of a year. One of those formative teenage experience deals that finds a spot in your long-term memory banks, so 20 years later, when your life path finally crosses Emo’s, you say...

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