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Cash Cabbie speaks to other top hacks

Ben Bailey, photographed by The Comic’s Comic last summer cleaning up on a Comedy Cellar cruise, spoke today at an event honoring New York City’s best taxi drivers. Wait. Did you think I meant comedy hacks? Nope. Hacks as in cabbies. The New York Daily News published a brief profile of Bailey today. Related: Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab site. More: Catch plenty of Cash Cab videos and contest spoofs on You...

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Alex Blagg vs. Rampage Jackson: The Rematch

Ultimate blogger Alex Blagg (currently steering the ship that is Best Week Ever online) blogged today about how he and Ultimate Fighting champ Rampage Jackson once wrestled each other in high school in Memphis. And that Blagg had prevailed. Jackson has bulked up a bit since then. And become a UFC fighter. Whereas Blagg blogs. Here is Blagg’s post setting up the video clip. Here is the hilarious footage. I love how Blagg manages to keep saying, "Never Back Down!" Even when Jackson clearly is half-jokingly kicking Blagg’s...

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Video: NBC chief Jeff Zucker disses the writers?!

I saw this story today on the Huffington Post and couldn’t believe it was possible (headline: NBC President Mocks Writers, Strike In Upcoming ‘My Name is Earl’ Commercial), but then I saw the attached video. Yikes. What is Jeff Zucker thinking exactly? Especially since they uploaded the video early on Oh. Wait a second. I know exactly what he’s thinking? Clicks, clicks, clicks, equals $ in the bank, courtesy of ad-within-the-ad from eSurance. Oh no. I just helped Zucker out a bit. I met Jeff Zucker last November at Carolines during the New York Comedy Festival — he acted very wary around me because I’m a journalist, but his wife Caryn Zucker couldn’t have been nicer. So I suppose I’ll post the video, too, and let you be the judge. UPDATED! Nikki Finke got the show’s creator, Greg Garcia, to acknowledge it was his idea. The key quotes are, as indicated already elsewhere, these two zingers… 1) "It’s right here on, where you can watch all of your favorite shows, preferably within the first 17 days." If you watch within 17 days, no extra cost. After 17 days, the writers get online residuals. 2) "Earl gets hit by a car, just like he did in the pilot episode. Writers refer to that as a ‘callback.’ I call it getting paid twice for writing the same thing." Zucker’s...

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Ronna and Bev interview a lesbian

All the way from Swampscott, Mass., here comes Ronna Glickman and Beverly Kahn, aka Ronna and Bev…or is it Beverly and Ronna from Marblehead?….at any rate, the duo (Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo) will host a live show at the UCB Theatre in New York City on April 10 with Village Voice columnist Michael Musto as their special guest. They’ve already co-authored a book, You’ll Do a Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles. Now, here is a new video (new to the Internets, anyhow) of Ronna and Bev interviewing a lesbian. Enjoy. <a href="">Ronna and Bev Interview a Lesbian</a> on <a...

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Comedy Central picks up two new shows

Comedy Central announced today it would go forward with two new shows, and neither is the show you’re probably thinking about. The first? David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News (working title). A fake newsmagazine show. The folks behind it: The series will be executive produced by Grier ("Little Man"), Robert Morton ("Mind of Mencia"), Fax Bahr and Adam Small ("MADtv") and Generate’s Peter Aronson and Jordan Levin. Debut in early 2009. The second? Reality Bites (also working title). A reality spoof. If that’s possible anymore. With comedians competing. Get it? Here’s the rest of the description, straight from Comedy Central: "The show features comedians in an elimination-style "reality" competition where every episode is a self-contained spoof of one of the major reality formats, such as "Are You Smarter Than A Monkey?," "So You Think You Can Dive!," "Almost American Gladiators" and "The Amazing Disgrace." The winner will end up being the "last comic standing" and will win a cash prize. "Reality Bites" is executive produced by 3Ball Production’s ("The Biggest Loser") J.D. Roth, Todd Nelson and Adam Greener." Debuting this summer. Perhaps you were hoping, as I were, for a pickup of Speed Freaks (featuring A.D. Miles and Zach Galifianakis) or The Scariest Show on Television (hosted by Paul F. Tompkins and exec produced by Brett Gelman and Jon Daly, among others). Well, those will have to wait for another...

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