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Chevy Chase & Dave Chappelle, together (finally)?!

Warm temperatures, a full moon and Friday night meant you just knew that everyone would be out and about in New York City. After catching some live comedy around the city, I settled in for some people-watching outside the Comedy Cellar. Among the people watched last night, Chevy Chase with his wife and one of his daughters, who walked past around 1 a.m. Ardie Fuqua, hosting the Cellar last night, excitedly exclaimed, "It’s Chevy Chase," and ran over to shake his hand. Chase and crew kept walking, though. And it turns out Chase already had his fill of comedy for the evening, considering he made an impromptu appearance and performance earlier at the Comedy Village, all to see Dave Chappelle. The Comedy Village is thrilled about this because they usually have barkers at the sidewalk corners trying to get passersby to pay a visit, and saying you had Chappelle and Chase in your club last night is a nice feat. Anyhow. According to comedian/eyewitness Maria Shehata, Chappelle had the mic and began poking fun at someone who just entered the club, saying to him: "Did you say you had herpes? Did you just walk into a comedy club and announce you have herpes?" The club’s staff replied first: "It’s Chevy Chase!" This naturally got the audience even more excited than they were. Chase approached Chappelle and the two shook...

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Video preview: John Oliver’s Terrifying Times

Comedy Central released a few video clips to tease John Oliver’s hourlong special, Terrifying Times, which debuts at 10 p.m. Sunday. I can tell you that even before the editing, Oliver’s special is something special, and prove it because here are my notes from attending the taping earlier this year. The reviews from the mainstream media are, well, mixed?! A guy from the New York Times essentially yawns. The Detroit News found Oliver quite cheeky. The AP focuses in on this bit about how a soundtrack can make all the difference. Roll the...

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Kids in the Hall: Unmasked!

Three members of Kids in the Hall sat down for an interview this afternoon for the upcoming season of Unmasked on XM satellite radio. Well, they didn’t stay seated, or in one place, for long. Scott Thompson, Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald made the live audience at Comix forget for a couple of hours that the Pope also was in New York City today, as the trio bounded around the stage, tangling in each other’s microphone cords, throwing water on each other, and generally give XM host Ron Bennington little room to ask a question. Out of control. But in a funny way. "It’s like having the f***ing (Three) Stooges on stage here!" As Thompson and McDonald mock-fought/rolled around on the floor, Foley quipped: "You’re really going to want to check out the video podcast for this." And after Thompson accidentally spilled his water on his pants, he said: "I bet this will sound great on the radio!" The guys took the train down from Boston, and for reasons not made entirely clear, Foley acknowledged he’d only gotten an hour of sleep. He gulped down three cups of coffee during the interview. Bennington let the audience get involved with more questions than usual, and the guys got the audience more involved than they were expecting, with a few of them invited onstage for impromptu antics. We did learn a...

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Tim and Eric interviewed, tour hits East Coast

Friend in comedy journalism Nick A. Zaino III got Tim and Eric on the phone to explain themselves. Zaino’s verdict? "The show is a lot more fun if you just immerse yourself in the weirdness, as audiences did with Monty Python and Ernie Kovacs in their respective times." "We know that that’s the kind of show that we’d want to watch if we were 17 years old," says Tim Heidecker of the duo’s approach. "They’re the kind of shows that make you feel like they’ve gone into your brain and they know exactly what you want to see." Their sold-out tour hits Cambridge, Mass., on Monday (not coincidentally, Neil Hamburger plays the bar next door the day before them), then NYC on Tuesday, Philadelphia on Wednesday. Tim and Eric’s season one DVD is available now. Click below to buy...

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Clinton AND Obama do Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert closed out his weeklong trip to Philadelphia by having both Democratic presidential candidates guest on the same show Thursday night. Sen. Hillary Clinton appeared first, attempting humor on how she can fix anything as well as take phone calls at 3 a.m. This, still? Really? Enough already. Clinton fixed the screen, which ultimately allowed Sen. Barack Obama to appear later in the show by satellite. Proving once again that Clinton is her own worst enemy in this campaign. And that Obama will take the higher road. After the jump, former Sen. John Edwards also delivered the Word. Edwards. Who’s he,...

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