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Purim Party opens 92YTribeca

Sorry for not spotting this video sooner (via Gothamist, Dead-Frog), but let’s take a look at this, shall we? This movie trailer spoof promotes the Purim Party this coming Saturday, March 22, that’ll help open the Tribeca branch of the 92nd Street Y, 92YTribeca at 200 Hudson St. Anya Garrett, normally seen behind the scenes as a comedy fan and photographer, takes the lead role in Jewno, but there’s a small part from Matt McCarthy and the casting coup of them all, with JK Simmons playing the more Jewish version of his paternal role in Juno! Info straight from the Purim Party page, where you can buy tickets, too: "The Shushan Channel is back for its sixth year. Created by Daily Show writer Rob Kutner and now in collaboration with writers from The Simpsons, Dennis Miller Live and more, The Shushan Channel is a comedic retelling of the story of Esther, as seen through the lens of current TV hits like Lost, American Idol and Ugly Betty. This year don’t miss House-man, MD, DeadVood, Grogger of Love, To Catch a Jewhater and Imperial Gladiators, scripted by professional comedy writers and performed by hilarious comedians and actors, including The Daily Show‘s Aasif Mandvi. All this, plus a video monologue rant "The 5 Things I Hate About Purim" by everyone’s favorite "pissed-off optimist"—Lewis...

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CBS pilots Birbiglia’s “Secret Public Journal”

That’s the good news from the weekend. CBS ordered a scripted pilot of "Mike Birbiglia’s Secret Public Journal." I saw Birbiglia on Saturday night, when the news just broke, and his excitement was, as they say, palpable. "It’s so crazy!" he told me. Did CBS give you any indication as to the odds of actually ordering a 13-episode run for the fall? "They’re really excited about it," Birbiglia told me. In the wake of the writers strike, all of the networks also have cut back their orders this pilot season, which ups the odds for success this year. So, what’s the bad news? "I’ll probably have to pull a bunch of my dates, though," he said. The pilot will film in April, right when Birbiglia’s supposed to be in the middle of his "What I Should Have Said Was Nothing" tour. Birbiglia told the crowd at Moonwork on Saturday night that he’s still doing his four different shows in four nights run at the end of this month at Carolines. After that? Not sure yet. Birbiglia’s showrunner, Andrew Secunda, was with him at Moonwork and then later at the Comedy Cellar, partly celebrating but mostly plotting out the pilot and brainstorming. "We’re already prepping for production," Birbiglia said. UPDATED (3/19): Birbiglia has posted a new entry to his journal, in which he reports: "I’m going to have to postpone...

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This week’s comedic late-night guests

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody. How are you celebrating? Are you going to be appearing on a late-night TV talk show? No? Well, then, who will? (Note: Listings subject to change) David Letterman…Monday: Rainn Wilson; Tuesday: Al Franken; Wednesday: Seth Meyers; Thursday: Vince Vaughn; Friday: Al Lubel Conan O’Brien…Monday: Lance Krall; Tuesday: Brian Posehn; Wednesday: Tracy Morgan Jay Leno…Monday: Carlos Mencia; Wednesday: Lisa Lampanelli; Friday: Adam Carolla Jimmy Kimmel…Monday: Martin Lawrence; Tuesday: Joel McHale; Wednesday: Adam Carolla; Thursday: Jackie Mason Craig Ferguson…Monday: Ray Romano, Jeff Caldwell; Tuesday: Joe DeVito (Thursday and Friday...

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SNL with Jonah Hill, Mariah Carey

Anyone else watch 60 Minutes last night and realize the immense and intense power of sleep? Anyone not get a good night sleep last night and forget about that? Just checking. I can recall that this past weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Live, however, was perhaps the best of the four consecutive new episodes. Even with an underwhelming Jonah Hill hosting. They had a gift in the Spitzer scandal and wisely ran with it in the cold open, with Bill Hader as the New York governor already embarking on a new career, and Kristen Wiig making the most out of her nonspeaking role, which also earned her a final facial remark after Hader’s "Live, from New York, it’s Saturday night!" The song-and-dance monologue: Unnecessary. The return of MacGruber! Necessary. What’s Your Situation? Waiting for the next sketch, that’s what. And then the first commercial break. A Benihana sketch with Jonah Hill as an overbearing chatty 6-year-old with his dad started off very slowly but gained strength and ended up a winner, just through sheer force of Hill’s nonstop dialogue. "Hey, I’m 6!" MacGruber’s second taped bit, funnier than the first. Wiig oddly amused as Suze Orman. The SNL Digital Short this week proposed that Jonah Hill was gay for Andy Samberg’s dad. Jonah Hill, gay? Who’d ever guess? Fast-forwarding through Mariah Carey… Weekend Update finally delivered with jokes within...

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