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Jeff Kreisler explains My Wall Street Journal

Back in the day (that’s a term, loosely translated, meaning before you were born), magazines such as the National Lampoon engaged in a practice commonly known as lampooning, sometimes so much so that these lampooners would produce and publish an entire spoof of another news publication. Tony Hendra, who once worked at the Lampoon, masterminded the new buzzed-about parody newspaper My Wall Street Journal (see it online now or later!) that hit the streets Tuesday (though some reports had it surfacing earlier, according to the New York Times, still for the moment an actual newspaper source of record). I spoke with satirist Jeff Kreisler, one of three executive editors on the 24-page paper, which blends elements of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloidy tabloid of daily tabloids, the New York Post, with his new acquisition, the Wall Street Journal. Is it also a play on Murdoch’s other big get, MySpace? You’ll just have to watch the video and find out as Kreisler flips the pages with us from a hotel lounge in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan (does the lounge’s electronic music soundtrack enhance or distract from the comedy? we embed, you decide!): Jeff Kreisler on My Wall Street JournalUploaded by thecomicscomic Buy it on with a click! Related: Comedy blogging friend Todd Jackson from Dead-Frog served as one of several consultants, and here is his brief report. Furthermore: Kreisler brings...

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Balls of Comedy Central Records safe from Robert Kelly’s kicking foot

The sales tallies are in…and Robert Kelly will not get to kick the president of Comedy Central Records in the groin area. Oh well. His CD/DVD, Just the Tip, ranked #7 this week in sales for comedy albums. It would’ve needed to chart #10 on the overall Billboard 200 to reach his goal of 30,000 discs sold in its first week. "It’s been in the top ten on Amazon all week and it’s been in the top 30 on iTunes all week,  which is great," Kelly wrote to fans in a MySpace bulletin overnight. "I have to keep getting the word out...

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The Mellow Show on SNL: The full recap!

A lot of people have arrived here this week via Google searches for "The Mellow Show" on Saturday Night Live, with variations for Ashton Kutcher as John Mayer, and other appropriate search terms. NBC didn’t release video of this online, and still hadn’t as I typed this, so I’ll do the appropriate thing (the inappropriate thing would be to upload a video without copyright) and give you the full play-by-play recap of the sketch. UPDATED! Jack Johnson himself features the video on his site. And here is footage of Dave Matthews talking about watching the sketch and "snickerdoodle cookie"! We open with acoustic guitar strumming, a logo for "The Mellow Show" and a voiceover announcing your host, Jack Johnson (played by Andy Samberg.) Samberg plays guitar and sings, "Super mellow show, tune in if you like, no pressure, whatever, it’s like walking on the beach…yeah." Samberg has his fro covered with a short hairdo, maroon T-shirt over tan long sleeves, and frattish necklace. Frattish. Yeah, that’s a word. "Hi, I’m laid-back singer/songwriter Jack Johnson," Samberg says. "Hacky-sack!" (audience laughs) "And welcome to The Mellow Show. As always, we’re coming to you from our modest thatch hut on the shores of sunny Oahu. Mahalo!" (laughter) "Returning viewers may notice the absence of my good friend, Shasta, the golden retriever with a handkerchief. Sadly, Shasta was taken away this week (he...

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Kristen Schaal wins over Melbourne

You may have heard or read that Kristen Schaal shared the Barry Award for best act at the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The award is named after the Australian festival’s founding patron, Barry Humphries (whom Americans probably would know better by his better-known character, Dame Edna). Anyhow. What really got me was seeing this video of Schaal with her comedy partner, Kurt Braunohler, on the big stage in Melbourne. It’s one thing watching this sketch in a New York theater or bar’s back room. It’s quite another with the arena crowd and the TV broadcast. Saw them do this bit in Las Vegas, but this has to be the biggest audience they’ve played to, right? Watch and enjoy. As the show’s host says: "I just love that raw enthusiasm." Also, this is a good time to mention my friends at Comedysmack, who relayed this video to my inbox. Please join me in welcoming them to my links...

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Naughty Town’s “lost” hit: “She’s Nine!”

This is the most important music video that you may ever watch that has ever come out of the 1980s glam metal band tradition. It comes from a band called Naughty Town. This song is so spot-on that you could play it on the radio today (yes, today, Wednesday, April 16, 2008) and rock fans would call in to their DJs and say I like it, play it again, please? And no one would know the difference. Kudos, also, on the video execution. Clean. Crisp. Huzzah! So, what are we waiting for? Roll it! Then email it to everyone you know and play it again and again… <a href="">Naughty Town</a> on <a href=""></a> Credits: Bryan Olsen and Mark Douglas wrote it. Tiffany Graeff directed it. Barry Rothbart edited it. Naughty Town are: Bryan Olsen (singer) Mark Douglas (guitarist) Dan Siegal (drummer) Roger Hailes (bassist/dancer) Andres du Bouchet played the judge and Kimmy Gatewood was...

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