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SNL dress rehearsal to reveal Obama

Soon enough we’ll have our answer to the SNL Obama question, as the cast and audience get ready for the Saturday Night Live dress rehearsal. The Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar reported that Lorne Michaels formally auditioned three outside candidates: MAD-TV’s Jordan Peele, 30 Rock writer and Derrick sketch/improv trouper Donald Glover, and stand-up (and Stephen Colbert’s "black friend") Jordan Carlos. There’s also a potential insider surprise in Fred Armisen. His roster of impersonations already includes Prince. If it’s Armisen, be sure to 1) hear a lot of debates and arguments about it, and 2) read what Armisen has to say about it on his SNL...

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More on SNL’s newcomer(s)?

The return of Saturday Night Live tomorrow night will mark the first cast changes in three years. Casey Wilson joins the troupe as a featured player, and Defamer got her on the phone yesterday for a very very brief Q&A, in which we learn that she sent in a 10-character video, heard in December that Lorne Michaels showed interest, then auditioned in January. As for who’ll play Barack Obama? Who knows? Obama played himself the first time. Where is Obama on Saturday night? Related video: Here’s a CNN report on the SNL Obama search, which features Wyatt...

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Behind the CCP: Lavell Crawford

All of this talk of Barack Obama impersonators and no one has mentioned Lavell Crawford? Oh. Right. I can imagine Crawford has a "No, We Can’t" joke somewhere in his arsenal, though. This Friday, Comedy Central only debuts one new Comedy Central Presents half-hour, and it’s Crawford’s, taped last August while the comedian was in the running to become NBC’s Last Comic Standing. In fact, he had on the same suit and shirt he’d worn on TV earlier that week. Though I ask the tough questions, I didn’t ask him if he at least changed his underwear. Seeing him perform then, I wondered about LCS and its supposed prize of a TV special, and if this meant Crawford wasn’t so worried about winning or not. Later, I also saw that Jon Reep (who would win last year’s LCS), already had his own CCP. Then I quit thinking and started listening. Crawford joked about diabetes — "the sugar!" — about Aspen (where I’d first seen him a year ago), and about jet-skiing. The producers asked him to retape his introduction, and when he returned onstage, he actually went ahead and did more than a few minutes of additional material. Was there a timing issue? Was this a redo, or in essence an encore? Tune in tonight and find out. Or tune into this clip for a...

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Human Giant’s season debut now on iTunes

Here’s some newsy news! The second season of Human Giant may not debut on MTV until March 11, but through the power of iTunes, you can download it already. It’s not an Illusionators trick, either! But it is Season 2: Duffel Bag of Death. Click here!   And here is a NSFW teaser video: <a href="">MTV’s Human Giant – Viral Videos</a> on <a href=""></a> Another trailer after the jump… <a href="">EXCLUSIVE- Human Giant Season 2 – Trailer (Show Premieres March 11th @ 11PM)</a> on <a...

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