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The view from Bonnaroo

Sure, Bonnaroo was almost a month ago, but we’re now being treated to some nice photographic representations of how comedy has become a part of this burgeoning national music festival in Tennessee. Louis CK was nice enough not only to share some artistic photos he shot from the set of his upcoming movie with Ricky Gervais, but also of his writing friend and comedy star Chris Rock, who performed on the main stage at Bonnaroo, essentially "opening" for Metallica in front of an estimated 65,000. That’s a lot of people to tell jokes to at one time. Go to CK’s site to check out all of his photos. Here is a backstage look at what Rock saw: Mike Birbiglia, in his new installment of his secret public journal, includes a blurry photo of him inside the comedy tent at Bonnaroo, which appears to be a fairly large venue for comedy as well....

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Another comedian bikini post

The site Urlesque yesterday posted a list of "Twenty Bloggers We Want To See In Bikinis," and wouldn’t you know that three of the top 10 ladies on their list also happen to be stand-up comedians in New York City? That’s right. Congrats to Sara Benincasa, Sara Schaefer and Michelle Collins…coincidentally, you can wish Ms. Collins a happy birthday tonight at Comix after The Rejection...

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Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas special continues, moves to CMT

The Hollywood Reporter reports that CMT will carry on the torch burned by sister station VH1 last year by airing another Larry the Cable Guy Christmas special this coming winter. It’ll air in November, but tape on July 30 (wow, why so early???) in Nashville with a scheduled guest lineup including Toby Keith, Lewis Black, Fred Willard, Montgomery Gentry, Victoria Jackson, Tony Orlando and ventriloquist Terry Fator. So mark your...

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno cage-match surprise

So, in case you missed it, and if you weren’t in Arkansas last month, you did miss it, because that’s when Sacha Baron Cohen decided to unleash "Bruno" on unsuspecting crowds duped into thinking they were attending a regular ol’ cage-fight. You know. The Smoking Gun has the documentation, including crowd reaction scuttlebutt. I like how one guy thinks this Borat character might be the same as Balki, you know, from Perfect Strangers? Simply...

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Interview: Greg Proops

You probably recognize Greg Proops from his years improvising on TV in both the U.K. and U.S. in Whose Line is it Anyway? Some of you may remember Proops from hosting a TV dating show called Rendez-View. Or maybe it’s the suit that jogs your memory. I had the chance to chat with Proops over the holiday weekend, and before we get to it, here’s a look at his appearance last month on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Greg Proops has been delivering witty retorts for years. This weekend he’ll headline Comix in New York City (want a discount ticket? read all the way to the end!), then provide the monologue for UCB’s ASSSSCAT on Sunday, head out Monday for Sag Harbor and the Bay Street Theatre, then up to Montreal for Just For Laughs, where he’ll join improv friend Ryan Stiles for a series of shows July 15-19 called Stiles and Proops: Unplanned. Caught up? Alrighty then. Let’s catch up with Proops. Wow. Evel Knievel really gets me nostalgically, because my first newspaper gig out of college was in Twin Falls, Idaho, home to that Snake River Canyon plunge! "He’s the perfect American hero, really," Proops says. "No knowledge of science. ‘I’m just going to do it.’ It’s that kind of stick-to-it-iveness in the face of grievous bodily injury that separates us from the animals. At...

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