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Hot Tub update! Super Deluxe interviews Sara Benincasa

Super Deluxe caught wind of the naked scandal involving its new series, Bathing With Bierko, and Sara Benincasa’s series, Tub Talk with Sara B. So the Super Deluxe blog interviewed Benincasa. Here is a snippet from said interview (Benincasa in bold, Super Deluxe blog in italics): Actually, I think that he’s in love with me and is trying to send me a message through his Super Deluxe show that says “Sara Benincasa, I’m in love with you. I would like you to get into a bathtub with me in a private, not-on-the-Internet way.” And I don’t blame him. It happens a lot quite frankly. I know right now he’s probably concerned that I’m mad at him. But it’s really more that I’m concerned that he’s so in love with me that he had to go to these great lengths to get my attention. He could have just emailed me. Well, as you pointed out before, he’s “romanced Meg Ryan and Charlize Theron.” So, logically, the next step is… Me. Because I’ve been on national television once. And I’m a reporter for the Internet. And I have a comedy show in a room that seats 30 people. So, yes, I am the next logical step in his trail of Oscar-bait poon-hounding, if you will. Related: On my Google calendar, please note that Benincasa’s "Family Hour with Auntie Sara" show...

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Bishop and Douch, live and unrehearsed?

When I met the UK duo Bishop and Douch (rhymes with couch, not the other word) in New York City on Wednesday night, they seemed pleasant enough, but told me they couldn’t quite explain what they had planned for their UCB show the following night. They weren’t joking. Their sketch show was all over the place, with segues happening onstage, and comedians Dave Hill and Leo Allen and musician Andrew Thompson participating in the sketches in addition to providing stand-up buffers. In one scene, Bishop played Jesus Christ as a hapless stand-up who shared a flat with King Herod, which culminated in a musical number, which then had Bishop disrobing to become a guy complaining to Douch and his friend about problems at Disneyland, or something to that effect, with Allen dressed up as a princess and the self-knowing repetition of the line that this scene was "perhaps a little too ridiculous!" Also ridiculous, the next sketch in which Bishop and Douche try to steal candy, with Hill as an overly aggressive security officer, superheroes and theme songs. It was all so bizzare that afterward, they had Hill and Allen question the entire show onstage. Maybe a Beatles song or the Benny Hill theme would’ve helped ease the audience into this, Allen suggested. Another sketch had Bishop and Douche looking for their replacements and getting upended in the process....

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Behind the CCP: Chad Daniels

Comedy Central Presents returns tonight with a new half-hour from Chad Daniels. His backdrop, a map of the state of Minnesota, echoes the first image you encounter on his online home page. Here is what I noted from the taping of his special back in August. Nine minutes into his set, Daniels yelled at the audience for not laughing enough. "I’ll wait while they edit in the laughter," he said from the stage at the Hudson Theater in New York City. Maybe they weren’t getting him? If they didn’t get him then, would they turn around in his favor when he told jokes about how watching T-ball is like watching the Special Olympics, then defended his use of "retarded" jokes, then followed that up with a joke about a stuttering kid? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out, won’t you? Not that I’d want to ever start a feud with Chad Daniels. Here is a clip from a pre-interview with Comedy Central, in which Daniels describes an encounter with another comic (bleeped). Related: This is the first item that comes up when you Google comedian "Santa Claus, Ind" Updated! Two clips with actual laughter (no need for editing on these) from his CCP after the jump… On why Chad Daniels likes the English language best: He saw a really tall woman. Running. In an...

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