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Kristen Schaal wins over Melbourne

You may have heard or read that Kristen Schaal shared the Barry Award for best act at the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The award is named after the Australian festival’s founding patron, Barry Humphries (whom Americans probably would know better by his better-known character, Dame Edna). Anyhow. What really got me was seeing this video of Schaal with her comedy partner, Kurt Braunohler, on the big stage in Melbourne. It’s one thing watching this sketch in a New York theater or bar’s back room. It’s quite another with the arena crowd and the TV broadcast. Saw them do this bit in Las Vegas, but this has to be the biggest audience they’ve played to, right? Watch and enjoy. As the show’s host says: "I just love that raw enthusiasm." Also, this is a good time to mention my friends at Comedysmack, who relayed this video to my inbox. Please join me in welcoming them to my links...

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Naughty Town’s “lost” hit: “She’s Nine!”

This is the most important music video that you may ever watch that has ever come out of the 1980s glam metal band tradition. It comes from a band called Naughty Town. This song is so spot-on that you could play it on the radio today (yes, today, Wednesday, April 16, 2008) and rock fans would call in to their DJs and say I like it, play it again, please? And no one would know the difference. Kudos, also, on the video execution. Clean. Crisp. Huzzah! So, what are we waiting for? Roll it! Then email it to everyone you know and play it again and again… <a href="">Naughty Town</a> on <a href=""></a> Credits: Bryan Olsen and Mark Douglas wrote it. Tiffany Graeff directed it. Barry Rothbart edited it. Naughty Town are: Bryan Olsen (singer) Mark Douglas (guitarist) Dan Siegal (drummer) Roger Hailes (bassist/dancer) Andres du Bouchet played the judge and Kimmy Gatewood was...

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Funny or Die’s turns one. Happy birthday.

Lots of people join Pearl (look how much she’s grown!) in wishing Funny or Die a happy birthday, from Ed Helms, Human Giant, Pete and Brian, Brett Gelman, Sarah Silverman, Rachael Harris, Ronna and Beverly and others, including Will Ferrell, or is it a first anniversary? Why nitpick. Happy Birthday! Funny or Die Turns One! on...

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Final deadline to vote for YouTube Sketchies 2!

No extensions for voting in the YouTube Sketchies 2 contest, as today is your last chance to decide which of 10 finalists vying for $25,000 cash, $15,000 worth of production equipment and a meeting with UTA agents. The top 10 all had to incorporate a theme of "living the dream" as well as the word, "indubitably." Which always reminds me of the Schoolhouse Rock video for adverbs. If views are any indication of votes, then the contest is coming down to these two sketches — both magically and coincidentally enough from Brooklyn!? Who got your vote? One of these two, or one of the other final eight? You have until midnight to make your pick. Poykpac presents Voice Talkers Waverly Films presents Sherlockbot & The Case of the Purloined...

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