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Comic Strip Marathon: Post #1 And so it begins…

People have filed in and filled the club. It starts with a technical glitch in the booth, then fanfare, then host William Stephenson. So far, except for Stephenson saying something upfront about the record attempt (explaining his casual wardrobe and the Red Bull fridge onstage), it seems like just about any regular comedy club show. With me here in the side balcony corner, we’ve got Las Vegas Weekly’s Julie Seabaugh, blogging for Time Out NY, and a reporter from The Sun. Stephenson told me he’ll also me keeping notes on a Facebook group devoted to the effort. This is a 50-hour show, but since I’ve already been up for 11 hours, this is officially a 61-hour marathon for me. Oh. My. If any medical journals want to monitor me for the impacts of Red Bull on a malnourished and fatigued body, you know where to find me. "This is going to be a long f$%&ing 50 hours!" Stephenson just told the audience. You’re telling...

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Live from the Comic Strip Live: It’s my comedy blogging marathon!

Hey, readers! I finally resolved my Internet issues here at the Comic Strip Live, still very tired, weary, a bit sweaty and about to embark on something that several people have suggested could not be done, while millions more are thinking should not be done. Can man live on laughter alone? OK. How about laughter, Red Bull and a free breakfast or two? Yes. That’s right. As I mentioned earlier (and wrote about in this week’s Time Out NY), the Comic Strip Live on New York’s Upper East Side will mount a 50-hour marathon stand-up showcase, designed to get the club and its participating comedians in the Guinness World Records. In writing the advance for this, I jokingly suggested that I should see the whole shebang. Within a minute, I realized this idea was just ridiculous enough that I needed to do this. Consider it an act of utter foolishness. Consider it a test of the stamina of one’s sense of humor. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. tonight and won’t end until 10:30 p.m. Thursday. If you want to chat and keep me alert in the wee hours, I should be on gchat as thecomicscomic and on AIM as seanlmccarthy. Inventory: One laptop with AC cord and Ethernet access. One toothbrush. One tube of toothpaste. One can of body spray. One digital camera. One video camera. One pad...

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Book party for Bob Powers, “You Are A Miserable Excuse For A Hero”

Bob Powers (day job: writer for 23/6; night job: author, comedian) is throwing a Happy Hour party and reading for the release of his new book, "You Are A Miserable Excuse For A Hero," tonight at Lolita Bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s a choose-your-own-ending humor book, so several ways to enjoy it, right? Unless you’re like many in our generation afraid to make a decision. In which case. Actually. You can make many decisions! Hooray. Related: The Apiary talked to Bob Powers about his...

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Oh No, Mr. Bill! Returns for another ad campaign. Priceless?

Can you think of another SNL character that’s gotten so much advertising exposure over the past 30 years? The New York Times reports that MasterCard has tapped clay creation Mr. Bill to star in its latest iteration of its long-running "Priceless" campaign, starting on Monday. Mr. Bill debuted on SNL in 1976. As his creator, Walter Williams tells the Times: "I’ve been doing everything I can to kill him off for 30 years, but he seems to be coming back." Actually, to answer my own question, this is the only other TV ad campaign that came to mind when I tried to think of SNL characters getting a rebirth through advertising…the Night at the Roxbury dance move, with a Chris Kattan cameo, earlier this year during the Super Bowl for a Diet Pepsi Max ad....

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Five clips from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards worth watching again

So I thought missing the 2008 MTV Movie Awards wouldn’t be that big of a deal, because MTV likes to replay its awards programmings around the clock, but that’s not how they roll anymore. Now, with, you know, the Internets, they realize you’re going to go online looking for what you want. And they provide it. Online. Which is even better, because you can skip past the junk and find what’s worth watching again. For better and for worse. Here are my picks for the five clips of the 32 worth replaying. 15) Wayne’s World reunion! Wayne and Garth together again, for the first time in 14 years, they tell us. That it’s also live makes it even more nostalgic, as it gives Mike Myers and Dana Carvey that same live performance energy to work off of each other. Schwing! MTV Music Videos MTV Shows Entertainment News My other four clips after the jump, in order of appearance. 2) Dance battle! Host Mike Myers challenges Chris Brown to a dance crew dance-off? I’ll believe that when I see it… MTV Music Videos MTV Shows Entertainment News 10) A stoner movie gets an appropriate, or should that be, inappropriate stoner self-promotion. Don’t care if it’s fake or not, really. MTV Music Videos MTV Shows Entertainment News 19) Adam Sandler’s tribute to himself. A little pitchy! Someone messed with his Zohan....

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