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Sneak peek video: Live at Gotham 3

The third season of Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham doesn’t kick off until June 6, but the network already has leaked a few clips online. Here is a minute with Anjelah Johnson in which she schools the boys who want to check out her...

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Vanity Fair interviews Bob and David

While most people today probably will visit Vanity Fair online to get all pervy over Miley Cyrus, please allow me to redirect you to this VF online interview with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, in which Bob and David rehash Mr. Show and then some, talking about dealing with obsessive fans, the networks, and how their new show, David’s Situation (pilot taping May 9, with a cast including Matt Besser, Eric Hoffman and Mo Collins), will be unlike both Mr. Show and The Ben Stiller...

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Reviews for Craig Ferguson at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Craig Ferguson delivered an affable monologue Saturday night at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Not quite the tour de farce of Stephen Colbert from two years ago, but affable enough, as anyone who watches Ferguson on his late-night CBS program will attest. He got a couple of zingers in, more at the expense of the media than of President Bush or Vice President Cheney, and included a couple of video clips that echoed previous TV bits (and could’ve been left out). The whole hourlong program is available online via CSPAN (on Real Media, no less…how old-school!), which if you watch it, you’ll get to see ABC’s Ann Compton admonish the dinner crowd for talking too loudly during the scholarship honors, and see if Bush conducts the Marine Band as well as he conducts a war (spoiler alert!). Time said the whole night was lame. Mediabistro said Ferguson stole the show. The Baltimore Sun also liked Ferguson almost as much as the party photos. The Daily News paid more attention to the president. No NYT review, yet. Sorry, Craig! Actually, CSPAN also has a YouTube channel, and here is the Ferguson portion of the...

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Internet videos about Internet already hack? Nostalgia humor trap ahead.

Oh, Super Deluxe. I love how you pay comedians for content. But sometimes, you keep their videos locked away for months and I forget to look for them. Other times, you end up with the most awkwardly appropriate video descriptions, such as Jonah Ray’s "Master The Internet," which says: "Everybody’s doing it! Why not you, also?" Yes. Everybody is doing this. Jonah Ray does it here, with points for achieving the throwback video look, negative bonus points for unnecessary World Trade Center joke. This video sure reminds me of something. What could it possibly be? Oh. Right. Gabe & Max’s Internet Thing plowed this territory last year, with more than 542,000 viewers on the YouTube since October. A few months later, Tim & Eric did pretty much the same thing with their "The Innernette" sketch on the TV. Taken individually, each of these videos has its own charms. But three makes a trend, as the mainstream media loves to observe, and this trend reminds me of your basic nostalgia humor trap that stand-up comedians have used over the years for easy laughs. Nostalgia humor traps often include cartoons, commercials and games you remember from childhood. Remember that show? (This is the part where audiences instinctively laugh, even before there is a punchline.) Technology also has fallen prey to nostalgia humor traps as our gadgets get better and make older...

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Richard Lewis and Keith Olbermann, tonight at the 92Y

Passover ends tonight, and the 92Y’s spring comedy series kicks off tonight with Richard Lewis in a conversation with Keith Olbermann. Coincidence? Probably. Here is a clip of Lewis and Olbermann talking on MSNBC on Valentine’s Day. Coincidence? Less likely. Lewis also has a new memoir out called The Other Great Depression. Coincidence? Nope. Get tickets to see Lewis and Olbermann tonight.Buy his new...

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