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Saying goodbye to the Kissing Booth

Attending the final Kissing Booth show last night at The Tank, you saw how New York City’s comedy scene is big enough to have communities within communities, and this alternative to the alternative comedy, hosted by the whimsical duo of Brandy Barber and Sara Jo Allocco, welcomed one and all to present characters, sketches, musical tributes, and always afterward, a drunken dance party. It wasn’t quite Invite Them Up. But then again, it never tried to be anything but a fun monthly show. For the final show last night, friends of the Kissing Booth gathered to pay tribute in a series of videos, none of which are particularly safe for work. Enjoy. That’s the Kissing Booth in a word. After the jump, videos on the craziest thing they’ve seen at the show, bloody or slutty?, and...

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Live at Gotham: Baron Vaughn

Baron Vaughn discusses the peculiarities of the "10-second rule," or however many seconds it may be in the town where you grew up. More tonight on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham (10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific). Updated, with another clip in which Vaughn talks about the Web site for the Klan. Yes, that...

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Improv Everywhere, now everywhere

New York magazine has a nice feature this week on UCB’s Charlie Todd and his Improv Everywhere movement, suggesting that it might not make it on TV because, well, it’s not mean enough. How about them apples? In related news, Todd launched a new blog, Urban Prankster, to chart like-minded operations around the world. Want to check in on previous Improv Everywhere operations? Click...

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Aziz Ansari in new Office spinoff

While Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel are entertaining the music festival crowd at Bonnaroo, their Human Giant co-star Aziz Ansari is busy getting himself cast on network primetime television in the NBC spinoff of The Office. As Ansari writes on his blog: I haven’t been this excited since Lisa lost on “Top Chef.” Which would be since Wednesday night. More details in Variety, which reveals that the spinoff show still hasn’t been figured out just yet....

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Last Comic Standing 6: Minneapolis and Nashville

If you knew nothing about comedy and turned on NBC tonight, the first few minutes of Last Comic Standing would not help you discern whether Americans actually have a sense of humor. And the celebrity judges from The Office, Kate Flannery and Brian Baumgartner are not helping matters. First up at the Acme Comedy Company is Pete Lee, who’s listed as from New York City. Ah, nothing like traveling to another city to audition for a TV show. Kate’s acting as if she knows what she’s talking about. The next guy we see in Minneapolis is Alex Thomas, who hails from…Van Nuys, Calif. Hey! Aren’t there any Midwestern comics representing here? (Psst…there are, but we haven’t seen them yet) Jared Logan is from Chicago, and does his lesbian joke that I believe I just saw on Live at Gotham on the Comedy Central and those people laughed at it, but Kate and Brian do not feel the same love for Mr. Logan. Sorry about that. He gets lumped in with a loser montage. And then there’s the Amazing Arthur, from Omaha, Nebraska. Um. OK. Whenever you need to put a superlative in your name, we know you have issues. He does juggling and yo-yo tricks, and no actual jokes. So, there’s that. It does fill time? "Who can follow that?" Kate asks. Dan Cummins. That’s who. He investigates his...

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