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Bill Burr’s “Why Do I Do This?” (on CD)

A lot of comedy records and DVDs out this week, and Bill Burr‘s CD version of "Why Do I Do This?" is among them. It’s great. Explicit. Brutal. Honest. I was there for the taping, and for that reason (plus having watched the DVD extras), I can also tell you that you’ll also want to buy the DVD, which comes out Sept. 16, after an Aug. 23 broadcast date on Comedy Central. But if you cannot wait that long, order the CD now and listen to it and picture Burr on the big theater...

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Jamie Masada goes to court over NYC Laugh Factory

Used to be the Sunday paper had all of the big news that everyone would be talking about on Monday and the next day, and the day after that. But apparently, no one reads newspapers anymore. And people on the Internet cannot be bothered to pay attention. Even when it concerns Laugh Factory founder/owner Jamie Masada, who was in New York City over the weekend to talk about having to take his former NYC partners to federal court. I already clued you in months ago that the partnership had fallen apart, and that the club at Eighth Avenue and West 42nd Street had changed names — a couple of times, actually — first to "Funny Biz" in March, and then in April to Times Square Comedy Club. It now calls itself the Times Square Arts Center. Which is a funny way to describe a former "porn palace" (as the tabloids say) known as Show World. In an interview with my former employers at the New York Daily News that ran on Sunday, Masada talked about being scared by his partners (the NYDN detailed their various criminal ties, and noted that the lawsuit’s allegations included a threat that someone would get hurt if a "certain comedian" got booked again…who was it???). In an email to me, he described "the situation (as) unfortunate and stressful." I’ll be sure to keep you...

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Patton Oswalt, devil’s advocate?

On last week’s episode of Root of All Evil, Patton Oswalt successfully argued that blogging, and not ultimate fighting, was the root of all evil. But Oswalt blogs. Does that mean he’s evil? Or is he only evil if he updates his MySpace blog? Of course not. Although it certainly would have made for a more interesting ruling if Andrew Daly or Lewis Black had brought it up. (Watch clips...

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CD review: John Roy, “Dressed For Recess”

Early on in John Roy‘s new CD, Dressed For Recess, you can hear why Roy has become a popular comedian on the college circuit, as well as what made him the first "new" comedy winner when CBS revamped Star Search in 2003. Recorded at his hometown Chicago club, Zanies, Roy comes across as your buddy, your friend, as he tackles social issues. In the first eight minutes, Roy tells you why goth kids must really hate the summer ("You can’t look like a vampire in shorts"), how there’s a difference between broke and really broke, a rant about ramen noodles, and re-imagining Iron Chef as High Chef, with the obligatory Snoop Dogg reference. Over the course of 52 minutes, Roy opens up about his roommate, chain restaurants, his 22-year-old girlfriend who studies astrophysics, and feeling old. He grew up in a black neighborhood in Chicago, and wonders now why nobody told him his fandom of the Dukes of Hazzard meant he had "a pro-slavery lunchbox!?" He imagines God and Jesus talking some sense into us, he reveals his temptation to wrestle Chris Matthews after an appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, and takes down hipsters for drinking PBR. It’s all affable stuff. Roy celebrates his CD release tonight with a show at the Hollywood Improv. If you’d like a copy of his new CD, you can check it out...

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Paris Hilton responds to John McCain’s ad

Far be it for me to want to contribute to the publicity for Paris Hilton, but the people from Funny or Die left me no choice. The folks at FOD certainly have continued to display their previously learned abilities to jump on newsworthy items (abilities honed during their time working on Saturday Night Live, and I’m talking to you, writer Adam McKay), and they have made their online comedy video site a must-see stop on the Internet highway because they have fostered good relationships with celebrities, and in this case, even Paris Hilton. Anyhow. Yes. This is the video that everyone is talking about, if more than a million hits in the first 10 hours means anything, which it does. Warning: Paris Hilton does not engage in sexual activity in this video, and she also appears to read lines effectively. OK. You have been warned. Enjoy. See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or...

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