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Netflix adding half-hour stand-up comedy specials from Nikki Glaser, Deon Cole, Beth Stelling, Nate Bargatze, Fortune Feimster and Dan Soder

Just when you thought Netflix couldn’t possibly announce more comedy specials, here’s news of a new slate of half-hour stand-up offerings the streaming giant will produce next week. Nikki Glaser, Deon Cole, Beth Stelling, Nate Bargatze,¬†Fortune Feimster, and Dan Soder will tape their first half-hours for Netflix next week in Los Angeles. Go here for free tickets. Four of these comedians all put out hour specials within the past two years previously for Comedy Central. No word yet on whether Netflix plans additional half-hours. The platform did put out a series of half-hour sketch comedy specials last year called...

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Beth Stelling on Conan

Some people hibernate for winter. Beth Stelling likes to wrap herself in a meat coat, but living in Los Angeles makes it difficult to know when to start and stop meating, as she explained on Wednesday’s Conan. Stelling also joked about how 60something women like her mom have difficulties operating their cell phones — a joke her mom loves, but other women her age most certainly do not. Roll the...

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Beth Stelling on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Beth Stelling reminded us on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live that her siblings and mother still live back in Ohio, as if they didn’t have a choice in the matter. As Stelling jokes, her mother also seems to have problems figuring out her cell phone plan and options, and could use more than a little bit of help when it comes to negotiating with Sprint. Roll the...

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Beth Stelling on The Pete Holmes Show

Beth Stelling has made choices in her life. We’ve all made choices. You know we all can make choices, right? For Stelling, it’s leaving Ohio, touring the country telling jokes, maintaining a long-distance relationship, and telling really great jokes. This set on Thursday night’s episode of The Pete Holmes Show lays it all out in detail. Free Blizzards on me, Beth! Roll the...

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Beth Stelling’s TV debut on Conan

Beth Stelling made her TV debut as a stand-up comedian last night on Conan. Stelling was a Chicago-based stand-up and New Face at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival last July. We learned as much about her uterus as she did! Uterus.¬†We also learned that biking can be fun and healthy, even if the people of Los Angeles give you sideways looks about it. We learned that it’s important to make sure people know your gender. And we learned about love, reality-TV style. Roll the...

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