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Watch “Hungry,” a documentary on competitive eating, directed by comedians Barry Rothbart and Jeff Cerulli

Whether you watched today’s Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest and found it ridiculous — or refused to watch it precisely because it’s ridiculous — you’re right in your right as American to feel that way. And also correct, but perhaps not for the reason you think. So instead, watch Hungry, a documentary about competitive eaters directed by comedians Barry Rothbart and Jeff Cerulli, released last year and available to view online now via Amazon or iTunes. That ESPN (or ESPN2, thanks Wimbledon) even broadcasts and re-airs the contest for several hours each Fourth of July owes almost everything...

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As seen on TV: Barry Rothbart crashes parties for shrimp, and Taco Bell

Michael Ian Black may have waged his own campaign to become the official spokesman for Taco Bell, but until that happens, comedian Barry Rothbart will be featured in the fast-food chain's TV spots to promote the addition of shrimp to their menu. Shrimp at Taco Bell? I'm already suspicious. Rothbart's the guy in the shades in the video's snapshot below. Roll the clip!...

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Barry Rothbart on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Barry Rothbart has grown a beard for the summer. Hooray, beards! Rothbart performed on Friday night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and joked about Super Shuttles and getting into trouble while naked. No, not on the Super Shuttle. They’re separate bits. And not the bits that got him into trouble. Rothbart has lived in both New York City and Los Angeles. Can you tell by his jokes where he lives now? Roll the clip and find...

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Barry Rothbart on Conan, thinks he’d make a good dad

Move over, Detroit! Barry Rothbart hasn’t set his stand-up sights on you — in this performance on last night’s Conan, Rothbart recounts a dangerous night he spent in Baltimore. He thinks he’s old enough to start acting like an adult, which means he’s thinking about what kind of parent he’ll be if and when he has children of his own. Rothbart’s role model is Liam Neeson. But a very specific role that Neeson has played on the big screen. Roll the...

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