Month: July 2016

Stephen Colbert’s identical cousin “Stephen Colbert” provides the “Werd” on The Late Show, thanks to Viacom

Comedy Central really didn’t like seeing Stephen Colbert bring back The Colbert Report‘s version of “Stephen Colbert” and the “Word” last week to The Late Show on CBS. So much so that Viacom’s lawyers stepped in to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. On Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert introduced instead his “identical cousin,” also named Stephen Colbert, to address the audience — this time, with the “Werd.” Shades of David Letterman’s battle with NBC over “intellectual property” such as Stupid Pet Tricks and Top 10 lists when he moved to CBS and the Late Show,...

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Inside the pit of Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle on Comedy Central

Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle opens its four-night run tonight on Comedy Central with perhaps two of its most epic showdowns of insult joke-offs ever, both tragically and comedically. The first round taped overnight from Montreal’s Just For Laughs with four battles, presided over by host Brian Moses, “The Negro Wave,” and Roastmaster General Ross joined by the two most recent roastmasters for Comedy Central — Kevin Hart (The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber) and David Spade (The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, taping Aug. 27 and premiering on Labor Day). “I’ve never been to a roast...

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Lori Mae Hernandez’s performance on the first live show of America’s Got Talent 2016

The 2016 season of America’s Got Talent began its live show elimination competitions on Tuesday night, and two of the three remaining comedy acts among the final 36 performed tonight. Lori Mae Hernandez, all of 13, came out of the gates, and after acknowledging she was on the stage in Los Angeles where they hold the Academy Awards (AGT moved from NYC after Howard Stern stopped judging), she pivoted quickly, jokingly comparing the Oscar statue to judge Howie Mandel, then mocking the “orange man” “with Troll hair” who might win the 2016 presidential election. Lori Mae then quipped that...

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Sneak preview part of the MADtv revival on The CW

MADtv returns with a new cast and new episodes on a new network in a new timeslot — primetime on Tuesday nights — starting tonight on The CW. The show tapes on Fridays, so they’ve already released a couple of sketches from tonight’s premiere. Each week, former cast members from the FOX edition of MADtv will guest star, joining the new cast, and the premiere welcomes back Nicole Sullivan and Will Sasso. Here’s a sketch in which Sullivan portrays Hillary Clinton, wondering what to make of her recent endorsement from U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, played by newcomer Carlie Craig...

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