Month: November 2015

Episode #37: Wendy Liebman

Wendy Liebman has influenced a generation of comedians by realizing a joke doesn’t have to end…before the next punchline. I met up with Liebman in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where it all began for her, and where she was staying to perform in multiple shows for the Boston Comedy Festival. We spoke about her place in the star-making Boston comedy scene of the 1980s, how she found and developed her comedic voice, taking a break from the road to raise a family, and how a brush with death convinced her to get back into the fast lane of stand-up — competing...

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Ian Karmel with Ron Funches on Conan, just like they’d dreamed

Ian Karmel gets two separate video clips from his stand-up performance on Thursday’s Conan because, well, he incorporated his good friend and comedian Ron Funches into it, even insisting that Conan O’Brien mention their friendship in his introduction. Then Karmel leaned in by talking to Funches before delivering his first joke. And Funches returned the favor (?) by laughing a lot and having Karmel’s back on several jokes. We also learned that Karmel’s Wu-Tang Clan name would be “Eventual Sitcom,” that he doesn’t think his voice is well-suited to long-distance relationship phone calls, and that he handled his first...

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Jacqueline Novak on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Jacqueline Novak performed on Thursday’s edition of The Late Late Show with James Corden and laid down the law when it comes to food-based social gatherings. Because you cannot call a function a “pizza party” when it’s clearly not a party and not everyone is going home with enough pizza. Also, ladies, enough with the farce that is your nacho ordering. You tell ’em, Jacqueline! Roll the...

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Garbage Time with Katie Nolan broadcast a stand-up sports special from Comic Strip Live

In case you missed it, last night’s weekly late-night installment of Garbage Time with Katie Nolan on FOX Sports 1 broadcast a stand-up sports special taped earlier this week at Comic Strip Live. Nolan’s guests included James L. Mattern, Katie Rich, Travon Free and Nore Davis, an intro walk tribute to FX’s Louie, jokes from Rich that didn’t make last weekend’s cut at her “day” job writing for Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update, and shares beers with her guests in offstage interviews. Also some very topical jokes from our comedians about Ronda Rousey, the Patriots-Giants and Bills-Jets games and...

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