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Christopher Titus to host Pawnography, History Channel’s Pawn Stars spin-off game show

AMC's most-talked about shows get talk shows about them.

History Channel's Pawn Stars is letting its viewers compete with its pawn-shop stars in trivia games for their prized possessions.

And it's tapped comedian Christopher Titus to host the half-hour game show, Pawnography, which will air its first 10-episode installment, starting at 10 p.m. July 10, Thursdays after episodes of Pawn Stars.

They taped the first season of Pawnography this May in Las Vegas -- soliciting fans 30 and older -- to compete with Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Austin "Chumlee" Russell, answering trivia questions for cash and prizes culled from the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawnshop.

"We are thrilled to work with Leftfield Pictures on this exciting and challenging new game show that combines the two elements that make Pawn Stars an absolute fan favorite - history and the fun, family-dynamic between the Harrison's and Chumlee," said Elaine Frontain Bryant, History’s senior VP of programming and development. "This show gives viewers the chance to go head-to-head with the man who knows a little bit about everything, Rick Harrison, and take home treasurable items from the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawnshop."

Harrison spoke about the game show spin-off back in May with the Wall Street Journal.

Pawnography is produced by Leftfield Pictures.

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  2. Nancy Moore

    Really like it and always watch it even rerun after rerun.

  3. Mike

    I feel like I just wasted a half hour of my life ,this shows sucks the host is even worse . I guess this is the beginning of the end for the pawn shop . Jeez is this the best the history channel could come up with.

    Can this show

    • Decker

      Christopher Titus has a mouth that he does not know when to keep shut. He has no problem dishing out death threats, but does not enjoy receiving them himself. Other than that, he's just an idiot. A very poor choice for this or any other show's host. Hopefully Rick's show survives.

    • Maria Betancourt

      I watch it all the time. Tess pawn star have incredible knowledge . Would like to see celebrities pawnography

    • Kim

      This HOST ruins this show, where did they find this NOBODY that was never heard of till now - Send him back and get a host who knows what they are doing!!! Rick, Hoss and Chumley are very knowledgeable about so many things, I hope they do not cancel Pawn Stars because of a Lousy host on Pawnography.

  4. collinsworth

    OMG who ever is the idea guy for the stupid 1970's show take off- pong ogerphy or what ever it's called needs to go back to school. I can see people sitting round a poker table lit table not to dark and at one of the stars house in their kitchen. Being loose drunk relaxed. Some of the best video is just some drunk people playing a semi serious game around the kitchen table.
    Sorry... anyway the show is bad. People have a very different expectations of what there tuning in to see. Just way to 1970' game show.

  5. ‘Pawnography’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | My Blog

    [...] Tonight is a initial uncover of a 10-episode series, pinning participants in a diversion uncover opposite Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Austin “Chumlee” Russell. The participants will answer trivia questions in efforts to kick a almighty, associating Pawn Stars crew. Elaine Frontain Bryant, History’s comparison VP of programming and development, told The Comic’s Comic: [...]

  6. Angie

    Love the show, Host is ANNOYING!! Get a new host History channel..

  7. Glenda

    Love the show watch recordings I put on my tv I watch all the time

  8. Justin

    The host of pawnography is terrible, not funny or charming to look at, love the idea of the show but host sucks

  9. Decker

    Toss Titus

  10. toby

    Host is horrible

  11. Robert

    The host sucks.....

  12. P_Ang

    I love Pawn Stars but this show is terrible. The host is boring and not at all funny. Rick blathers on, mostly repeating stuff he already explained on Pawn Stars. The host insults Chum. Rick brags how he knew that if he wins or gets angry if he loses...it's just no fun at all.

  13. Bill Pitt

    It's so wrong that they're contestants in their own game. Game shows are to benefit the audience. If they play it right, they "pawn stars" would not only have the 2 new comers to the show go home with nothing, but if one were to win a prize, he could potentially have to return it!! How blind are people to not see it's some kind of tax scheme since all the "prizes" were or are all tax fraud! Show seems like a scam, on camera.

  14. Tom K

    I've seen this show before, back in '97-'02 on Comedy Central. It was called Win Ben Stein's Money. Literally the exact same setup.

  15. Sarah

    Oh mu gosh! Christopher Titus sucks so badly! It was Painful. Please make him stop.

  16. marty

    please let mike and Frank on American Pickers be guest on this new show make it a big deal and kick off the new season will love it !! for more great ideas just ask I have a million of them!!

  17. Kim

    I have Read through the comments and I see mostly to get rid of the Host - Read this and learn, just Fire the guy and get somebody good.


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