Day: May 8, 2014

Jerrod Carmichael has a vision and you shall see it come to fruition in 2014

Jerrod Carmichael might be the 10th-billed actor in the new movie, Neighbors — 11th if you count both of the babies playing the infant child of Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in what already is the funniest film of 2014. He’s certainly the least recognizable of the four main fraternity brothers plaguing the couple next door (look at him laughing it up in a photo session with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Dave Franco and Zac Efron). But he’s likely the most memorable of the four. Even despite Efron’s abs. You’ll watch his scenes with his frat brothers, or a delightful tangent of...

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FOX cancels Dads, Enlisted, Surviving Jack; passes on three sitcom pilots

Surviving Jack airs its first and only season finale tonight on FOX. Enlisted has four more episodes yet to air — perhaps to burn off sometime this summer? And Dads, well, sometimes it seemed only Kevin Reilly and his affinity for staying in the Seth MacFarlane business kept Dads on the air for as long as it was. FOX pulled the plug on all three rookie sitcoms officially last night. For Surviving Jack, it’s sad news because Christopher Meloni hadn’t been allowed to be this funny onscreen since Wet Hot American Summer, and it was nice to see him...

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Emily Heller on Conan

Emily Heller lets the audience know there are definite do’s and do not’s when you’re housesitting. On this set from Wednesday night’s Conan, Heller recognizes that she is an adult woman, and there are better ways to treat a cat. Perhaps she should listen to a different radio station? Roll the...

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Bill Cosby on The Arsenio Hall Show

Bill Cosby dropped by for a good bit of the hour Wednesday on Arsenio, not only delivering almost seven minutes of stand-up — in which he joked about how old people only talk with each other about their current medications or their late parents — then reminisced about the time he stood up to his own father when he was a skinny 14-year-old. Also, Cos wonders how people say they don’t know they’re poor. Roll the clip! Cosby moved to the sofa to talk parenting, grandparenting, Dick Gregory and more with Arsenio Hall. One more thing, about Dick...

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