Month: April 2014

Not Fooling Around. A PSA for Comedians: How to Read Contracts

I’m either a comedian who moonlights as a union organizer or a union organizer who moonlights as a comedian; I kind of can’t tell anymore. Consequently, other comedians often ask me how we can form a union. The question they’re really asking is not “How do I pay dues and get a union contract?” The underlying question really is “How do we get a better deal in the unending murder-suicide pact of show business?” Unions are defined by law as collectively bargained, democratically-ratified, legally-enforceable contracts covering wages, benefits, and working conditions. They are defined by pop culture as corrupt...

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Watch Drew Carey host The Late Late Show, with guest Carl Reiner

For April Fools, it’s not so much a prank as much as ’twas fooling around by longtime comedy pals Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey in their respective CBS Television City studios, hosting each other’s shows. So Drew Carey and his crew took over The Late Late Show overnight, with Carey delivering the monologue, interviewing comedy legend Carl Reiner, journalist Connie Schultz, and enjoying a musical performance by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Here’s Carey’s monologue: Watch the whole episode of Drew Carey hosting The Late Late Show here. This morning, Ferguson presided as host of The Price is Right. Both...

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Confidently self-deprecating: Inside Amy Schumer’s second season on Comedy Central, theater tours and an Apatow-backed movie

A few minutes into the third episode of second season Inside Amy Schumer, we see Schumer onstage delivering stand-up to a captive audience, declaring: “Nothing has changed. I still dress like shit. They just like squeeze me in this right before I came on.” The dress, you see, does not befit her. “I usually wear American Apparel. I like to be draped in sweatpants. Don’t you guys feel that way?” The more Schumer’s comedy career and her audience keeps expanding, the more she wants to remind us that she hears the haters, too. And she sympathizes with them. Hell,...

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Tig Notaro on Conan in Dallas

Team Coco brought out the big guns for night one in Dallas, with favored stand-up comedian Tig Notaro gracing the big theater stage for Monday’s Conan. Notaro gives us much-needed perspective on fire trucks, diarrhea in the public pool, and how joking about your breasts might lead to breast cancer. Only if your body resents you. And science. Roll the...

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Stephen Colbert’s full response to #CancelColbert “hashtag activism” on Monday’s “The Colbert Report”

Because people neither understand nor want to understand context within satire — particularly when it’s constrained by 140 characters on Twitter — #CancelColbert was a movement of “hashtag activism” that missed its mark by failing to aim for the true target. I’ll let Stephen Colbert as “Stephen Colbert” respond in full. As he did on Monday’s episode of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, with a cold open, monologue, bits and his guest, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Something something never has B.D. Wong been so g.d. right. Oh, and Colbert had Stone kill his show’s other Twitter account, @ColbertReport,...

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