Month: December 2012

Mariah Carey updates “All I Want For Christmas” with Jimmy Fallon, The Roots

Stop. Look. Listen. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon sets itself apart from the other late-night TV talk shows by all of the ways that it’s NOT a talk show. Last night’s show gave anyone a reason to feel happy about the holidays, as Jimmy Fallon and The Roots offered up a fresh take on a contemporary Christmas classic, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas (Is You).” Complete with classroom instruments, a choir of children, and Mariah Carey herself. Roll the...

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Review: Chris Hardwick, “Mandroid”

Chris Hardwick is the king of nerds. Well, maybe he’s the president. Is a collection of nerds a monarchy? Maybe he’s some kind of chancellor or prime minister. At any rate, Chris Hardwick is a nerd and a proud one at that. His latest special, Mandroid, thoroughly illustrates his obsessions, passions, and opinions by way of jokes utilizing a variety of topics from hamster ejaculate to having sex with a dog. I apologize for skewing Hardwick’s material by making it seem like he only talks about animal sexuality. Never fear: this special isn’t solely about bestiality. Hardwick’s set relies...

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Katt Williams announces retirement from stand-up comedy…again…in new Seattle KOMO interview

So much happens anytime Katt Williams spends enough time in public where a camera — whether it’s a security camera, paparazzi or news crew — that it’s not worth your time to keep up on his every movement. Is Katt Williams under arrest? What for? Will the charges actually stick? What’s the beef? Whose beef is it? And is it all just for show? In recent days, the circle played itself once more, with Williams ticking off paying customers who thought they’d see the “old” days of only a few years ago — when Williams was riding high off...

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TBS, Conan announce plans to air crowd-sourced re-enactment “Occupy Conan” episode, contest

In the past couple of years, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has earned Emmy Awards and loyal viewers, in part, through its use of crowd-sourcing content — rewarding their biggest fans by leveraging social media to putting their Twitter suggestions into late-night TV segments. The previous Late Night occupant, Conan O’Brien, found his fans so loyal two summers ago that when NBC spurned Conan, his fans rallied behind him as Team Coco, helping him ultimately find a new home at TBS and a website bearing their cause célèbre. As Conan enters its third season, the TBS host announced an...

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