Month: January 2012

IFC upgrades Comedy Bang Bang to half-hour series, also orders game-show parody starring Kurt Braunohler

Making news at last week’s TV Critics Association winter tour, IFC announced it had ordered two new series for the summer. The first is actually a promotion for Scott Aukerman — Aukerman already has been appearing for the past year in interstitial interview segments on the cable channel under his old Comedy Death Ray and Comedy Bang! Bang! banners. Now he’ll be able to unfurl a full half-hour version of his long-running comedy podcast, with Reggie Watts serving as his one-man bandleader. Comedy Bang! Bang! will debut in June as a 10-episode, half-hour series. It’ll appear in the same...

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SNL #37.12 RECAP: Host Daniel Radcliffe, musical guest Lana Del Rey

Are you ready for Harry Potter in his life after Harry Potter? Or said another way, who wants to see Daniel Radcliffe host Saturday Night Live? If only that were the talking point coming out of this weekend. Let’s get to the recap! Oh, look, it’s Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) trying to relate to people in South Carolina and talking NFL playoffs. Sort of. And jokes about laying people off. Not really much else to say here, is there? Daniel Radcliffe joked about the end of Harry Potter, as well as mentioning the end of his Broadway run, and...

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John Mulaney on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

John Mulaney isn’t only one of the lead writers and now producers of Saturday Night Live, but he’s also one of the funniest stand-up comedians working today. Or tomorrow. Mulaney has a new one-hour stand-up special coming up this month on Comedy Central, and you can hear snippets of “New in Town” in this clip from Friday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In this bit, he recounts some of his childhood, in which he speculates that he was mostly gay. Not totally gay. But definitely mostly. Even though he has a girlfriend whom he loves and listens to. He’ll...

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