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A Flight of the Conchords movie is no longer a rumor, but still lacks a script


It's one thing for a red carpet interviewer to ask Bret McKenzie about a nonexistent Flight of the Conchords movie, as happened last month.

It's another thing to have McKenzie's "flippant comment" confirmed today by Rhys Darby, who said he himself had sparked rumors of a film four years ago with a "flippant comment" of his own.

Darby told New Zealand's "Nick D's Breakfast" radio program on George FM that he recently has spoken with both McKenzie and Jemaine Clement about writing and making an FOTC film. Darby, who played the band's manager Murray, said:

"But I can say in all faith that we have connected recently. We've talked. And the boys do want to make one. So it's just a matter of finding time. And I think next year pen will hit paper."

HBO previously denied a movie was in the works. The pay cable network aired two TV seasons of FOTC from 2007-2009. Although the boys found success difficult in their fictional TV universe on NYC's Lower East Side, they've done good for themselves in real life, including the 2007 Grammy Award for their musical comedy EP, "The Distant Future."

Maybe they knew something then about their own distant future.

Meanwhile, did you know you can watch all of the HBO episodes online or via HBO Go? And here is their video for "Sugalumps," which appears on their 2009 CD, "I Told You I Was Freaky." Roll it!

They'll certainly have time together in 2012 to start thinking up a screenplay. McKenzie told New York mag's Vulture blog last month while promoting The Muppets movie (on which he supervised the music) that he and Clement plan a concert tour next year. As McKenzie quipped to Vulture: "We’re planning to do solo tours at exactly the same time. On the same venues. And we’re going to play the same set list. We’ll play the same songs, simultaneously. We’re loosely planning to tour in the next six months, yeah."

So this is all good news for fans of Flight of the Conchords, Kristen Schaal (who plays their biggest fan, Mel) and the gang. Now they just need a script.

Got any ideas for them?

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