Month: April 2010

From the UCB to SNL and back again: Bobby Moynihan’s backstage chat

The Upright Citizens Brigade unveiled a new look for, designed to make it easier and more fun to explore their vast catalogue of fun-time videos. And would you look at this? The front page featured a backstage interview with one of the UCB's success stories, Bobby Moynihan, who talks about being a cast member on Saturday Night Live, as well as his love of improv, which is why even after working all week on SNL, he's eager and ready to improvise on Sunday nights at ASSSSCAT. We also learn multiple facts about Moynihan's character he based on his real-life experience as a Pizzeria Uno waiter....

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Pic of the day: Is Alexa playing an April Fool’s prank on me, or trying to play Cupid?

There are multiple online services that offer to monitor your online traffic and break down your audience's demographics. Out of curiosity today, I looked at some of these sites. This paragraph from Alexa stopped me in my tracks. Either this is an April Fool's joke on me, or I need to start letting my audience know I'm single and available. Am I right,...

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Can you quit the Internet, or does the Internet quit you?

If I quit the Internet, how many of you would notice, and how many days would it take before you just turned to some third-rate comedy site or hoped the mainstream media would pick up the slack, and then forgot about me? Because if ever there were a day for me to quit all of this and do something "reasonable," today would be the day. You know what I mean. I'm still curious about your answers,...

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