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Happy birthday, Pete Holmes! Let’s watch most of his Comedy Central Presents!

Not mentioned during last night's introduction for Pete Holmes at Whiplash: That the stand-up has been recording his routines over multiple performances at the late-night UCB stand-up showcase for a future CD, and that, since it was after midnight, it was his birthday. Happy birthday, Pete Holmes! To celebrate, someone should write a feature-film based on the E*Trade talking babies that you voice in their commercials? Check. Katie Dippold (writer on Parks and Recreation) is on the case, if this report is to be believed. Um, OK? I've got a better idea. The half-hour Comedy Central Presents for Pete Holmes aired last month when I was called away from the Internet, so I couldn't post anything then — though I was in the audience when he taped it back in November. And I realize I haven't shared much of his stand-up on the site yet. Let's fix that right now. Oh, also, Holmes has his own weekly show tonight, Punch Up Your Life, so if you're in NYC, go see that. Alrighty, roll the clips! Here's his recent opener: On Facebook as Big Brother: More after the jump… On how he and his girlfriend had different paces in getting on the subway: On how he is cool with his posture: On his love of the word really. Really? On adults eating candy: On why he doesn't think anyone should...

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Not one, but two “new” rare interviews with, of, and about Bill Hicks

Sometimes you come down with a case of the Mondays, but the Internet certainly wanted to change that tune yesterday as it unveiled two completely different yet equally insightful interviews of and about the late stand-up comedian Bill Hicks. When British comic Nick Doody was in college, he had the chance to chat up Hicks in late 1992 before he performed overseas. That full interview appeared online on Doubling Up, the podcast Doody does now with Rob Heeney (thanks to Chortle for the tip). Hicks talks about his career, the 1992 presidential election, his place in comedy, and more. Doody said he was embarrassed to listen to it all of these years later, but it's only the ending that gets a little weird. But he lets us hear it all in its entirety. Enjoy! Nick Doody interviews Bill Hicks, late 1992 Also yesterday, Jesse Thorn of The Sound of Young America put up a video interview he conducted at SXSW with Steve Hicks, Bill's "boring accountant" brother, and director Matt Harlock about his new documentary, American: The Bill Hicks Story. Also includes some classic and rare video footage of Hicks onstage. Roll...

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Watch Brooke Van Poppelen tutor Mikey Teutul on “American Chopper” at the UCB and Comix

In case you missed it, season six of TLC's American Chopper found Mikey Teutel pursuing one of his non-biker dreams of being a stand-up comedian. If at first you don't succeed, try asking some actual comics for help and advice. Which Mikey did, and as you can see in these clips, he visited the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre twice to meet up with Brooke Van Poppelen. BVP (See our Meet Me In New York for more Qs and As with BVP) also had Roger Hailes and Andrea Wallace play an improv game with Mikey and offer him moral support. Then, it was time for Mikey to perform at a live show at Comix (looked like one of their bringer shows? objection! sustained due to lack of relevance). Roll...

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Montreal mixes up the schedule for Just For Laughs

Just For Laughs has announced the first slate of galas and headlining shows for this summer's annual comedy festival in Montreal (July 2-25), with tickets going on sale March 31. But before you go ahead and make your travel and lodging reservations, too, let me just tell all of the Americans (and Brits, Australians and other English-speaking visitors) that they've done a switcheroo on the usual plan — this summer, the English-speaking shows aren't closing the fest. Instead, they'll be right in the middle, from July 6-18. The televised Galas will take place July 14-18. And from the initial slate, I can also tell you that Montreal and JFL are throwing their full support behind The Marriage Ref, because the first Gala on July 14 is a special Relationship Gala hosted by Brad Garrett and featuring the show's host, Tom Papa. Cheech & Chong get a Gala on July 16, there will be a pair of "Late Night Galas" (hmmm) on July 16-17, and the "All-Star Gala" on July 18. As always, the Galas are filmed for broadcast across Canada later, with short sets from a handful of stand-ups and other comedic entertainers from around the globe. What else? Aziz Ansari, who performed a series of popular black-box theater shows last summer, is back, bringing his "Dangerously Delicious" tour to Montreal for one night only July 15 at Metropolis....

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Gerard Butler helps Godfrey with a heckler?!? Strange but true, caught at the Comedy Cellar

When I saw my friend Mandy Stadtmiller Tweet that she was having fun at the Comedy Cellar on Thursday night, I thought to myself, hey, I'm heading that way. Except I ended up staying in instead. Bad move on my part. Because I missed seeing this strange-but-true incident late in the evening, in which Godfrey called up actor Gerard Butler to help quiet a pesky heckler. What? Yes. That happened. Stadtmiller caught part of it on tape (normally, I'd be conflicted about this, because we're not big fans of audience members whipping out their cell phones and cameras in comedy clubs — but Stadtmiller told me she had the club's OK, and so long as you have permission from the club and/or comedian, go for it). She also got Butler and Godfrey to talk about being buddies outside afterward. It all appeared today on Page Six of the New York Post, where Stadtmiller works. Kudos on the scoop! Now roll the...

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