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Boston Comedy Festival 2009 results, semis 1 & 2

As I type this, I'm still in NYC, taking care of a few last-minute details at HQ before heading over to Port Authority for the overnight bus to Boston. But the 2009 Boston Comedy Festival stand-up contest continued with the first half of the semifinal brackets. Comedians from the eight prelims got sorted out into four new groups for the semis. And the initial reports are in from Thursday night's first two semis. Moving on to Saturday's finals… From Semi #1: Ryan Hamilton and Kelly MacFarland. They outscored Mike Whitman, Sean Sullivan, Joe List, Kevin Kneuer, Orlando Baxter and Alycia Cooper. From Semi #2: Paul Myrehaug and Lamont Price. They outlasted Tyler Boeh, Justin Williams, Alvin David, Karen Rontowski, Harrison Greenbaum and Anton Shuford. Two more semifinal groups of eight comedians apiece will face off tonight at the Hard Rock...

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Face it: Seth Herzog’s Night of Fun is happening

Presented without comment? No, comment. Seth Herzog, who warms up audiences for NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and hosts the long-running "Sweet" showcase at The Slipper Room, will take the stage to present Seth Herzog's Night of Fun at Comix tonight. Jordan Carlos will open. Some of Herzog's talented and famous friends will interrupt his silliness with more silliness. And other things that I do not know about. I just posted this because he asked nicely many times, and also, look at that face! That ink will wash off,...

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Boston Comedy Festival 2009 results, prelims 7 & 8

The Boston Comedy Festival's 2009 stand-up contest completed its preliminary-round action on Wednesday night. Did your favorite comedian make it to the semis, which will be held Thursday and Friday? That depends. I don't know who your favorite is/was, but I do know who advanced from the final two prelim rounds. From prelim 7: Tony Boswell, Ryan Hamilton, Mehran, Anton L. Shuford From prelim 8: Danny Bevins, Alycia Cooper, Dave McDonough, Paul...

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Watch 71 minutes of Marc Maron’s stand-up, and also a podcast: WTF! (That’s the title)

Marc Maron has an acute awareness about himself and is unafraid to share that onstage. If you've seen Maron perform stand-up, then you already know that. If you haven't, then do we have an opportunity for you. Here is a full, 71-minute performance Marc Maron gave at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood last month. In it, he confronts the state of his career, his one-man show he staged this year, his personal demons, and he engages the audience throughout. It's quite something to watch, especially since you hardly get the chance to see stand-up videos this long on the Internets. I checked with Maron this afternoon, and he's more than happy to share this and let you into his world. (Thanks also to comedian Troy Conrad for filming this) Standup – Marc Maron from Troy Conrad on Vimeo. In related news, Marc Maron launched a new podcast series yesterday. It's called WTF with Marc Maron. His first guest was Jeffrey Ross, and you can hear them talk about how far back they go in comedy, roasting, the Friars Club and more. Click here to listen in a new...

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Boston Comedy Festival 2009 results, prelims 5 & 6

Want to know who moved on from Tuesday night's preliminary rounds of the stand-up contest for the 2009 Boston Comedy Festival? Well, here you go (and according to this news, apparently some comedians I know, and some comedians I don't know but know are funny, also did not advance to the semis, not to take anything away from the comedians I know who are funny and did advance! get it? got it? good!): From prelim 5: Tim Kaelin, Kelly MacFarland, Karen Rontkowski, Auggie Smith From prelim 6: Orlando Baxter, Harrison Greenbaum, Matthew Lumpkin, Daniel St....

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