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Fleet Week NYC meets The Full Ginsburg

I'm going to have to apologize upfront for some sporadic blogging this week, as I am moving The Comic's Comic — not far, and not for long, because as they sang in "On the Town," New York, New York is a wonderful town. Perhaps even more so when Eric Cunningham of The Full Ginsburg interviews a few of the sailors in NYC visiting over the weekend for Fleet Week, and asking them if their real-life experiences are just like the 1944 Broadway production and 1949 movie musical that starred Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra: Note to readers: The Comic's Comic will be on a sporadic blogging schedule all this week due to packing and unpacking as I move HQ to a new Brooklyn location. Please be patient. I'll still provide some news, interviews and reviews as I get chances to do...

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Chris Gethard’s Magic Box of Stories (birthday edition)

While you were launching headlong into your Memorial Day Weekend plans, I was one of about 100 fortunate souls to witness a special edition of Chris Gethard's "Magic Box of Stories," the comedian's engaging and entertaining autobiographical storytelling series at the UCB. Chris Gethard is an improv superstar these days at the UCB's New York City theater, performing regularly with The Stepfathers, teaching classes, and receiving a lot of applause and attention each year during the Del Close Marathon. Gethard also has a lot of interesting tales to tell from his life experiences growing up in New Jersey; so many, in fact, that he has written the titles of these stories down on index cards and placed them in a container (or magic box, as it were). For his "Magic Box of Stories," he asks audience members to pull out an index card, he tells that story, then plays a video commentary from his mother, "Big" Sal, in which she adds her two cents. Last night''s late show was extra special for Gethard, though, because it began at 11 p.m. on Morrissey's 50th birthday and ended just shy of midnight, the start of Gethard's 29th birthday. "I can't think of a better way of starting my birthday than by sharing it with you," he told the audience. That, despite his insistence early in the show that birthdays are not...

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Watch Marc Maron and Jim Gaffigan talk shop

Here's a fun way to flow into a holiday weekend. Jim Gaffigan is a guest on Marc Maron's Break Room Live, and the two talked about their experiences in comedy. Seriously. Also funny. And congrats to Gaffigan on the birth of his third child! (Thx for the head's up, Comic vs....

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Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 has a blog, live tapings

Daniel Tosh's new Comedy Central show that makes fun with, of and at the Internets is ramping up production as the debut nears next month, with a Tosh.0 blog, and a live taping coming up June 1 (if you live near Culver City, Calif., click here for info). The show debuts June 4. Hey, that's soon! For those of you who think this is just a regurgitation of VH1's Web Junk, or perhaps an early competitor to G4's Web Soup — or even the nonexistent Junk Soup and Web Web – here are some more details from Comedy Central, which claim that Tosh.0 will have its own features. Among them: Original videos created by and starring famous actors and comics, a weekly "Viewer's Choice" vid elected from a slate uploaded onto, and a "Web Redemption" segment offering a second chance for the infamous "stars" of viral...

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Inside the mind of Robert Mac: Problem Thinker

I caught Robert Mac headlining earlier this week at Cap City Comedy Club in Austin (he's there through May 23; check his site for future dates). Mac likes to have fun with words, and when he plays around with phrases and concepts, it sometimes takes the audience a minute or two to catch up, but once they do, Mac gets rolling and the audience enjoys trying to keep up with him. Roll a clip! Problem...

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